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What Happened to Cecil?

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Published on: August 3, 2015

Recent Planned Parenthood videos expose company officials conversing about how to dismember babies and sell their body parts to the highest bidder while eating a great salad from a local restaurant. By watching these videos, we have learned how to do the “less crunchy” method of dismemberment. We heard an official give us a verbal guide on how to rip the innocent from the womb and save internal organs for profit. There were several videos made.

A judge from San Francisco, a smiling democrat supporter who, according to news outlets, raised over $230,000.00 for Obama, has ruled the remaining videos cannot be released because they might cause “irreparable harm” to Planned Parenthood. I thought judges were supposed to remain neutral while on the bench?

If you don’t nauseate easily, please watch video number 4. It shows a small foot, hand, leg, head, eye and brain of a baby ripped from its mother’s womb and ready for sale. As the camera zooms in on the dead baby, one of Planned Parenthood’s medical practitioner’s state emphatically “it’s a boy.”

Cecil the Lion: To this day, I don’t know what really happened, frankly could care less, and not even sure if I spelled the lion’s name right. The tiny bits of information I have heard are a Minnesota dentist who went to another country in Africa and killed a lion while hunting in a wildlife preserve. I heard he also wanted to shoot an elephant, but didn’t get the chance.

The dentist is now in hiding and probably won’t ever have another hunting opportunity. It seems many in our nation would like to turn this hunter/dentist over to ISIS and watch him burn in a cage for his alleged atrocity. Of course, he eventually will be found, put on trial, have his guns taken away, and we will suffer through months of media circus probably until the 2016 elections are in full swing.

And don’t forget the media coverage on the 1st, the 5th and the 10th anniversary of Cecil’s untimely death.

Is our nation so turned around that we are more outraged at a dead lion than we are at dead babies? Have we become that pathetic and morally bankrupt? God help us!

According to the website, there were 53million abortions from 1973 (when abortion became legal) to 2011. How much money was made and who profited? The time has come to investigate, prosecute, and defund Planned Parenthood. We must also work to remove them from our schools, and passionately defend the innocent of our nation.

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