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What Happens When A Member Of The “Unaccredited” Media Asks A Prime Minister A Serious Question About The COVID Shot In Front Of The Mockingbird Media? – The Press Conference Gets Shut Down With No Answer (Video)

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Published on: November 2, 2021

New Zealand tyrannical Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was confronted by a member of the independent media in the midst of a press conference surrounded by the Mockingbird, bought-and-paid-for, corporate media.  The gentleman asked a pretty important question considering how unlawful this woman is in that country.  So, what did she do?  She didn’t answer the question but belittled the man and stopped the conference only to take it inside for the “accredited” media only.

Check out the exchange.  She’s a nervous a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Ardern said that they were all on the same page when it comes to driving “vaccinations” and “reaching people we need to.”

This is where she was interrupted with a serious question, though one more telling could have been asked.

“Why is the ‘vaccine’ not working in Israel?” the man asked twice before she responded quite rudely to his question.

He then went on to point out that there’s a 39% efficacy rate, and she continued to speak over him with that pseudo smile of hers, as he continued on to press her.

He then pressed further by pointing out that despite the shots being non-effective in doing what she claims it will do, she merely patronized him and then got downright nasty by saying, “I’m going to answer the questions of the accredited media.”

The accredited media?  Seriously?  These liars and enemies of the people of New Zealand don’t report the news, they report the propaganda that the CIA tells them to report.

Instead of simply giving a response and being honest with the gentleman, whom she is supposed to serve by the way, she apologize to the “accredited members of the gallery” and shut down the press conference only to move indoors where only the Mockingbird media would be allowed to attend and presumably ask questions.

Obviously, when Ardern referred to the “gallery,” she meant the peanut gallery with this bunch.

She then claimed the man was interrupting “your press conference.”  I thought press conferences were about speaking to the people.  I guess that doesn’t apply in the land where they outright threaten people concerning an alleged, albeit fake looking shooting at a mosque which internet infrastructure around the world were told they would be shut down if they didn’t enforce kicking that video, which was obviously faked, off their platforms.

Seriously, this woman considers herself and elitest, but she’s actually too stupid to realize she is a useful idiot puppet, just like a lot of the rest of the big representatives of the people, turned traitors.

For instance, take a look at these hypocrites at the G20 and their phony baloney face mask wearing for the cameras and after it’s all over, they remove them and go on their merry way.  After all, masks are for the “little people,” right?

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