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What Happens When a Muslim Baker is Asked to Provide a Cake for a “Wedding” Based on Sodomy?

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Published on: April 3, 2015

While the capitulation to the “Gaystapo” (also known as sodomites) in Indiana by the governor and legislature continues, it’s interesting that no one is bringing up the fact that Muslim bakeries are doing the same thing as Christian bakeries, but they aren’t being called out. Exhibit A is below.

Now, I’m not equating Islam with Christianity. Anyone who follows this site or has read my articles knows one would have to be lying to insinuate such a thing. However, at least where the cake baking for pretended weddings is concerned, it seems we are on the same page. Also, let me be clear, this is not an endorsement of Islam nor a call that Muslims be attacked over the issue. It is simply demonstrating a double standard by sodomite fascists and those who approve of their Marxist tactics.

Steven Crowder, who has received numerous threats on his life from Islamists, took to the streets to locate a bakery owned by Muslims to see how they would react if they were asked to provide a cake for a “wedding” that was based on sodomy.

Crowder points out that laws like Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act were put in place in order to protect the rights of businesses to…gasp… discriminate. Yes, that is what it is and let me be so bold as to say that there is nothing wrong with discrimination. In fact, discrimination is a very real part of discrimination. We’ll address that momentarily.

According to Crowder, laws like the RFRA are about allowing businesses to choose their level of engagement and he provides an example of the notorious Kanye West. Crowder says that someone should not be allowed to serve him because he is “black or an idiot.” However, one can refuse to serve him if he asks for something that might violate their conscience to produce.

So, traveling to Dearborn, Michigan, Crowder passed numerous bakeries owned by Muslims, something I found fascinating.

In entering several of the bakeries, Crowder discovered they were uncomfortable with the cake he wanted to celebrate sodomy with him and “Benny.”

One baker said, “No, I don’t want it.”

All of these bakeries provide custom wedding cakes, but they determined that they did not want Crowder’s business.

Crowder does point out that there were some Muslim bakeries that would serve them and provide the cake requested.

While it only took one lawsuit for Christians in business to come under attack, Crowder points out that the media ignores the “giant burqaed elephant in the room.”

Crowder also informed those who believe that these methods are being used to take away the rights of Christians by pointing out that is already occurring in Canada. Pastor Stephen Boissoin was found guilty in 2007 by a provincial human rights tribunal of “hate speech” for writing a letter to the editor expressing his views on homosexuality.

Consider that millions of Christians have to participate in what they believe to be murder via the abortion industry and tax money going to organizations like Planned Parenthood. That money is going unlawfully to the organization for the murder of hundreds of thousands of America’s children every year.

Also let me remind you of a Navy chaplain that was dismissed from the Navy simply because he provided Christian counseling regarding marriage and sodomy.

Communists like Chris Cuomo say that Christians shouldn’t go into business if they aren’t going to treat everyone the same, but come on, Cuomo doesn’t treat his guests the same, does he? Of course not, but that is how communists are. They feed off the Saul Alinsky tactic, trying to press a high standard on their opposition while failing miserably to keep it themselves.

Crowder then rightly points out that what people like Cuomo and others actually want is freedom for themselves to impose a Marxist worldview on others without dissent.

Now, let me be clear, there is absolutely no need for laws like the RFRA. Why? Because we already have the First Amendment, which says that people can peaceable assemble. At the heart of that is who they assemble with. Going back to the Declaration of Independence, it should be clear that every man has the liberty to assemble with whomever he wishes and to discriminate against assembling as well. This would translate over into business as well. Not one person is entitled to another person’s efforts, their products or their services for whatever reason.

But this is where they get Christians thinking like leftists. We need more laws and that will stop lawlessn…. Wait a minute. The only lawlessness going on here was the fact that sodomites have been crying about Christians not being forced to give their sodomy the “thumbs up.” The lawlessness that has been going on is that judges, city councils and state legislatures, along with the federal government have overstepped their bounds and began imposing upon the liberty of Christians to discriminate in their places of business.

The reality is that these Muslim bakers and Christian business owners have been perfectly in line with lawful behavior regarding this particular issue. It is those engaged in sodomy who are the violators of law (crimes against nature). There is no “right” to engage in sodomy.

Do you really want to deal with this issue America? Then start going back in your history and start looking to the Word of God to deal with the lawlessness of what we are seeing in our country. Do that, and it will be well. Don’t do it and America will continue to be turned into Hell by a just and holy God.

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