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What Happens When You Accept What The Lord Clearly Condemns? A Man Who Rapes 10-Year-Old Daughter Rewarded With “Trans Surgery” & Move To Women’s Prison – All With Your Tax Dollars!

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Published on: December 24, 2020

“He who spits towards Heaven will fall on his own back!”

For 17 years, I have been on the housetops blowing the trumpet on this one thing:  You cannot accept what the Lord condemns and prosper.  In fact, just the opposite is true (Proverbs 14:34).

When you advocate what He condemns through apathy and ignorance, you bring a curse upon the nation, as well as make a prey of the innocent (2 Peter 2:6), which is not a good plan for those who advocate for this (Exodus 22:22-23).

The Lord does not call sodomy a sin.  He calls it an abomination (Leviticus 18:22).  Common sense teaches us this!

Let’s take it another step.

The Christian Post reported:

“Man who raped 10-y-o daughter to get trans surgery funded by taxpayers, move to women’s prison”

A federal judge has ruled that a man convicted of raping his 10-year-old daughter will be allowed to get gender reassignment surgery while in prison, paid for at taxpayers’ expense.

In a ruling earlier this month, U.S. District Judge James Peterson approved the request of Mark Allen Campbell, a 49-year-old Wisconsin man, to undergo gender reassignment surgery, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The man now goes by the name “Nicole Rose” and has identified as female since 2013, when he first requested the operation.

Campbell sued the Department of Corrections in 2016 after he was denied the surgery, arguing that his rights were violated under the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which forbids cruel and unusual punishment.

He has been allowed to dress as a woman, receive cross-sex hormone treatments, and get counseling at Racine Correctional Institute, a men’s prison, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel added.

Campbell has been a 34-year sentence after having pled guilty in 2007 to repeated first-degree sexual assault of a child.

Although Campbell’s 2016 lawsuit was denied, Peterson noted in his ruling that the Department of Corrections requested that, if ordered the surgery, that he remand Campbell to live at Taycheedah Correctional Institution, the state’s largest women’s prison, for a year.

“That request came as a surprise,” Peterson wrote, “because previously the DOC designated any inmate with a penis to a male prison, regardless of gender identity or expression.”

“True public interest lies in alleviating needless suffering by those who are dependent on the government for their care,” he said, adding that he would not “impose any further prerequisites on Campbell’s sex reassignment surgery.”

The Department of Corrections previously stated that while the prisoner met the criteria for surgery, Campbell had not lived as a woman “in real life,” something that was said to be impossible while housed in a men’s prison.

In conclusion: This abomination needs to be condemned for his crimes against God (State statute calls them “crimes against nature”), as well does this said judge for further advocation of what God condemns. Judges are to discover the very laws that I am now highlighting (They put their hand on the Bible swearing to uphold the law, not to tear it down).  They are not to legislate nor are they to play the activist from the bench.  If they do, they are to be removed and prosecuted (Psalm 94:20; Article 1, Section 3; Article 1, Section 3, Clause 7 US Constitution), and if not, then you will be given the bill to pay for your own demise, and so you are (Psalm 9:16-17)!

“The Bible is no mere book, but a Living Creature, with a power that conquers all that oppose it.” -Napoleon

People are beginning to take matters into their own hands, for they see that justice is NOT being served!

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