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What If Hillary Clinton Would Have Been The Supreme Court Nominee?

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Published on: October 8, 2018

Now, before people lose their minds at the question, I’m just going to point out some things that we could ask about and how both Republicans and Democrats would have approached the issue and how the media would have provided cover for Clinton had this been the case.  We could probably do that same thing with Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah or Eric Holder, but with different questions about their many crimes.    My friend John Perna posed the question and came up with some very good questions regarding what might have taken place, and I use the term “might” loosely.

Perna asked the following questions:

Of course, the media would have given her all kinds of cover and blasted anyone who provided testimony or documentation of her crimes.

Well, the long and short of it would be that we would have probably gotten a Supreme Court Justice Hillary Clinton, and I’m saying that because while there is more than enough documentation of her crimes, Republicans who controlled the House and Senate have done nothing to deal with her justly, and neither has anyone in the Executive Branch.

Furthermore, the American people were promised a special investigation by then-candidate Donald Trump when he asked for votes, but as soon as he was elected, not only did he say we owed Clinton a “debt of gratitude,” but he said she and her husband were “good people” and he didn’t “want to hurt them.”

While the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh really turned more on the public outcry over what were clearly false allegations, real discussion of his involvement in the Vince Foster “suicide” case and his attacks on the Fourth and Fifth Amendment really didn’t come up and for many, they still think he is constitutional because conservative talking heads told you he is constitutional.

As for Clinton, there would have been all sorts of interference running by Democrats, I’m sure, and in the end, I truly question with such close margins along party lines in the US Senate, if she would not have been confirmed and all her crimes forgotten.

But justice is the thing missing in all of what takes place in DC.  We can’t even get Republicans to charge Christine Blasey Ford with perjury!

As for the above regarding President Trump, it’s not an attack or hit piece to simply ask that he fulfill his promise.  To this day, we haven’t really seen anything and it’s been nearly two years since he made that promise to the American people.

The only reason Clinton is allowed to be giving money to political activists and candidates and to continue to spew her criminal ideology in the public square is because President Trump has not fulfilled that promise he made.  It’s high time he made good on that promise.

When justice is not administered to true criminals, then it is an injustice against the law and the people the laws were put in place to protect.

Article posted with permission from The Washington Standard

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