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What is the Standard of Equality that Those Who Practice Sodomy Are Appealing?

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Published on: April 4, 2015

Isn’t it interesting how those who practice sodomy, a crime in all fifty states up until the early 1960s and still a crime in fourteen states, want “equality”? But what is their standard for equality?

This was a question posed by The Sons of Liberty Radio show host Bradlee Dean this week.

“Equality to what?” Dean asked. “What is the standard to which you want equality? What are you referencing when you say you want equality?”

Those who want equality never make reference to the moral . After all, even in the Declaration of Independence, in which our forefathers threw off tyranny, it was declared that men are created equal by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Yet, those who practice sodomy in this country never appeal to the Creator!

“This is why they, going back to the radical homosexuals, don’t want judges involved in the decisions the states make concerning homosexual ‘marriage,’ which has never been in the history of mankind,” said Dean. “They don’t want the judges there.”

Dean went on to state that we hear the practitioners of lawlessness everyday trying to justify their behavior by saying things like, “Well, I was born this way” or “I just can’t help myself.”

In a sharp rebuke, Dean asked, “Did you hear about the guy that likes to kill on Friday, friends? He said he was doing his best. He couldn’t help himself.”

“Did you hear about the guy who couldn’t keep his hands off everybody’s property?” he asked further. “He was born that way, couldn’t help himself.”

The same thing can be applied to a number of crimes, including adultery, and yes, in some states that is still considered a crime, which has been translated as “alienation of affection.”

Man’s inability to perform the Law of God is not an excuse for his sin or his crime. Rather man’s inability simply points out his responsibility to do what is right before his Creator, which often than not, he fails miserably at (Rom. 8:1-10). Thus, the reason for the need of a Savior from sin.

“Sin is moral, not physical,” said Dean. “Everything you do in life is a choice. So, if I choose to violate the law, the law is going to fall upon me and there is going to be consequence.”

Dean then warned his audience, “Never fall into the excuse, friends, that moral inability will be an excuse for sin, lawlessness (1 John 3:4).”

Dean’s wife, Stephanie chimed in pointing out that need for grace to do what God has commanded.

“This is where grace comes in,” she said. “People look at grace like it’s this sloppy excuse to be able to sin and get away with it.”

“Grace is not an excuse to stay in your sin,” she added. “Grace is empowerment of Christ to overcome your sin.”

Dean then echoed the words of Christ after the accusers left the alleged adulteress in John 8 saying, “Go and sin no more.”

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