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What Should American Churches Do?

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Published on: May 23, 2019

If we look at the culture in America today does it look like the church has any influence over anything? Considering there is such an antichristian attitude in the media and politics, I would say the answer is no the church does not have any influence over the culture in America today. I think that is probably because most churches do not even have very much influence over the members of their own church, so how can they influence the culture if they cannot influence their own members. I know most members believe their church matters, but we should think about it in more detail.

To make it a little less close to home and more understandable, I am going to compare the Church to a construction company. Jesus started as a carpenter, and taught about being the cornerstone, and not building your house upon the sand, so I think this will make things more understandable.

If you owned a construction company and the people you hired came to the jobsite and never built a building, would they be good employees? You are a builder, you hired them to build, but they do not build, are you pleased? What if they came to the jobsite and told you how much they loved you. Would that make them good employees? If the employees never built you a building but they praised you for showing them grace by forgiving them for never building for you, would that make them good employees? What if you sacrificed everything you owned to get the money to pay them to build things, for you the master builder, and your employees never built anything you asked them to build? Would that make them good employees? Would you believe they appreciated your sacrifice?

You as the master builder are starting to get frustrated, so you ask your job supervisor what he has been having the workers do, that way you can find out why nothing is built. You are told that they have been meeting every Sunday and studying the blueprints so they know exactly what and how you want them to build. Some workers are even memorizing the blueprints. You tell your job supervisor that being a good blueprint reader does not make them good builders. You tell them you sacrificed everything to pay them to be builders. You tell them that after they read the blueprints they need to build, or they will have wasted your sacrifice. What do you think the workers will tell the builder? What are most church members telling God?

God is the boss. We are supposed to work for him. Jesus sacrificed for us. We show him we appreciate that sacrifice by doing the work he has instructed us to do as Christians. The bible is the blueprints. We are supposed to use them to build our lives, our families, and our country. Does America look like Christians have been building with the blueprints? Do the churches look like they are full of blueprint readers, or builders? That could also be asked as, do the churches look like they are full of Bible readers, or by people that are building their lives as the bible would have them build a life? Do they even know that the bible has that information?

Many people love to talk about how Jesus died for our sins and therefore we are forgiven, but they get offended if we talk about being sorry that we sinned. Maybe the problem is using the word sin. God is our boss. He wants us to be successful. God gave us the bible so we will know how. He puts us on his jobsite and says, read the plan (bible) and things will go better. Why do so many people not want to believe God? If God said, Thou shalt not stick your hand in the miter saw, would he be being mean, or showing that he loves us, and does not want us to be hurt? When God says, “Thou shalt not steal,” all of a sudden people act like God is being mean. Stealing hurts the thief as well as the person from which he steals. The Ten Commandments could be summed up as saying, do not hurt yourself or others.

Look at Adam and Eve in Genesis God had made only one rule for Adam and Eve to obey. The Devil told Eve God was not telling the truth. Eve believed the Devil instead of God and she disobeyed God. A lot of churches today act like it is God’s fault for making the rule instead of our fault for breaking the rule. I read an editorial written by a local pastor. She loves to claim the bible somehow does not mean what it says, or does not say what God means. She seems to think that she is a loving person because she promotes God’s love for the homosexuals. In reality, she is a very cruel person. She is hurting people by twisting God’s word like the Devil in the Garden of Eden. If she really loved the homosexuals she would tell them to believe God and to change their life. God would not tell them not to be homosexuals if it really was a good way to live. It is sad that she thinks she can serve God by having her ministry revolve around telling people not to believe God.

You do not show an alcoholic you love them by buying them a beer. Churches that are recruiting homosexuals are like a job supervisor who hands out tourniquets and morphine, and then tells the workers that God really did not mean Thou shalt not stick your hand in the miter saw. This is why the church is failing the country. The media, schools and the government are already telling people not to believe God. We do not need the church for that. That pastor who is recruiting homosexuals does not realize that she is making herself unnecessary. We have enough people telling people that hurt does not really hurt, and that God is not telling the truth. What we need is Christian leaders that tell them to believe God and that there is a better way to live. How can they claim to believe in God enough to be saved, but not enough to believe what God tells them to do?

In Mathew 28: 19-20 Jesus said: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

When Jesus said “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” he was basically saying go teach people to stop hurting themselves and others. Jesus did not say go teach people to read about what he commanded them, he said to go do it. Notice that Jesus did not say to teach people that they are forgiven when they do not observe all that he had commanded them, a command is an order. Yes we are forgiven, and yes we all make mistakes, but if we really love the boss we work hard and build what he wants us to build.

In Jonah 1:2 God told Jonah:  “Arise go to Nineveh, that great city, and call out against it, for their evil has come up before me.” Even though Nineveh was very powerful, they did not know they should obey God. One might say they had inherited the world but lost their soul. In Jonah 4:11 God told Joana that Nineveh was: “that great city, in which there are more than 120,000 persons who do not know their right hand from their left” Not knowing “their right hand from their left” meant they did not know right from wrong. Things had gotten so bad that people did not know what God wanted. They did not even know they were disobeying God. Does that sound like America today? Do people act as they know right from wrong? People are so confused in America that they do not even know if they are a man or a woman. Instead of loving those people enough and telling them what they need to know, the church is joining in on the not knowing. The church should know the answers but they will not prove it.

God did not tell Joana to go tell the people of Nineveh that God loved them. It was because God loved the people of Nineveh that God sent Joana to teach them to “know their right hand from their left.” God wants American churches to teach Americans to “know their right hand from their left” to know right from wrong. God wants people to know they are a man or a woman. The schools and the media are teaching people to do wrong. God needs the churches to teach people to do right. The people need to read the bible to build a life and a country, not because it is a church thing to do. The bible is our blueprints. It is time to start building. There is so much evil built up in this country the church may have to do some demolition before we can start building. Check the bible about building on rock and not sand.

If you saw somebody about to stick their hand in the miter saw would you love them enough to tell them not to hurt themselves? If you really believe that Jesus loved you enough to die to forgive you from your sins, you should believe he loved you enough to teach you to stop hurting yourself from sin. If I mess up and cut my hand off, it proves that I have more to learn. It does not prove that cutting your hand off is a good idea. Forgiveness does not stop the pain or heal the hand. Not cutting the hand off to begin with does. That is why God says no. God wants us to avoid the pain we still have even if he does forgive us.

One thing people should know is there are a lot of people who had to learn things the hard way in life. We know how much it hurts for people to learn that way. We wish we would have learned from other peoples mistakes instead of making our own. If you see fingers missing know you should learn from that, not imitate that. In the Ambulance service, I help people who would have rather avoided being hurt instead of being healed from being hurt. Once you are paralyzed, putting your seatbelt on is not going to make you walk, however putting your seatbelt on before the car wreck, may prevent you from becoming paralyzed. The church needs to start teaching that part of God’s Love.

If we truly believe in God, and if we truly love God, we should be applying what He tells us to apply in how we live and how we run this country.

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