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What Would Be Left of Montana?

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Published on: September 2, 2016

Q: If the management of Montana’s lands and resources is turned over to tribal control, what would be left?

A: Not much.


Here is a map of Montana that shows how much of Montana, and how may Montanans and businesses, would be subordinated and denied constitutional rights and protections afforded by the Bill of Rights if the tribes are used by F*USA to unconstitutionally further extend its unconstitutional jurisdiction.



According to an authority no less than the United States Supreme Court, a second and parallel United States of America (I call it F*USA) has been created that is not subject to the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights. F*USA’s jurisdiction, however, is—or at least was—constitutionally constrained geographically to Washington D.C., federal enclaves, and U.S. possessions. Ever since that principle was established, however unconstitutionally, those who control F*USA have been extending their geographic control, or at least influence, to all lands within the legitimate USA.


Bribery is one such approach: “granting” “money” to states and local governments, but only if they enforce federally-mandated programs. Thus, federal influence and jurisdiction have been unconstitutionally extended into subject matter jurisdiction such as education (outcome-based, Year 2000, Common Core, etc.), religion, culture, health/deathcare, resources, air quality, water quality, local zoning (which is now overruled by federal “environmental impact” studies and rules), even the design of our toilets. In the process, our state “representatives” have unconstitutionally subordinated us to the whims of globalist designs.

Tribal Control is the latest strategy in this war. The federal government is using alleged tribal “sovereignty” to take direct control of our nation’s natural resources through its Bureau of Indian Affairs.


America is being gutted, especially Rural America. Already, rural families are being disintegrated by the implosion of rural economies, which forces children to leave. That exodus will only be increased with discriminatory, race-based legislation, such as Senator Daine’s bill.


Neither state nor federal authorities have the right to diminish the rights, including property rights, of We The People. When they do so, they do so under color of law.

Where Congress exceeds its authority relative to the States, therefore, the departure from the constitutional plan cannot be ratified by the ‘consent’ of state officials. … The constitutional authority of Congress cannot be expanded by the ‘consent’ of the governmental unit whose domain is thereby narrowed, whether that unit is the Executive Branch or the States.”—New York v. United States, 505 U.S. 144 (1992)

We must re-establish the Voice of the People and restrain all levels of government to constitutional constraints.

Article reposted with permission from North West Liberty News

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