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What’s In Your Suitcase? Things To Take With You On Your Travels For Good Health With Kate Shemirani (Video)

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Published on: July 10, 2021

Kate Shemirani joins me live from Winston Churchill’s house for this exclusive episode on health tips when you travel and a bit of history that you definitely were not taught in school in the process.

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The Good Inside

Contact Kate Shemirani Here

Join The British Nursing Alliance On Telegram

Help support Kate’s crowd justice fund to help cover legal expenses she is incurring due to speaking the truth about the plandemic and the jab here

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Articles, links and videos and pictures from inside Winston Churchill’s home (coming in an update later) mentioned in this episode.

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Dr. Jane Ruby: There Is No Threshold Of Death Or Injury That Will Stop These Shots (Video)

This Horrifying Discovery & The Number Of Deaths & Injuries Should Be Enough To Stop The Shots

UPDATE: Images provided by Kate.

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