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Wheaton College Bows before What God Calls an Abomination

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Published on: May 22, 2015

It seems to never end.  The constant talk about homosexuality.  The constant blurring of the issues.  Statements such as, “It’s not sin, it’s love,” do absolutely nothing to help us to find God’s will.  It does not help that Christian conservatives allow the sodomite to frame the argument and the language.  Now, as predicted, the Evangelicals are beginning to give ground on the issue.

Christian News reports:

A prominent evangelical college is defending its decision to allow the formation of homosexual student group on campus.

I am not sure that it is even possible for there to be a defense.  Would this school seek to defend bestiality?  What about porn clubs?  And though we might say that these clubs are inevitable, this does not mean that they should be allowed.

Here is their defense according to Christian News:

“The [Wheaton] Community Covenant does not condemn homosexuality; it condemns homosexual conduct as one example of sexual immorality,” Jones said, according to a report from The Wheaton Record. “So that’s one of the fundamental ways that we have to in a sense ‘clean up our language’ and try to be rigorous in the way that we think.”

This sounds good.  It would seem on the surface that these groups are more along the line of support groups.  Groups that would help those struggling with the sin of sodomy.  A community of believers who are sympathetic or had overcome the same sin.  But, if we listen to the leaders of these groups we can see that this would be a wrong judgment.

Refuge was founded by Justin Massey, an openly homosexual political science student who, according to reports, desired to also lay the groundwork for a “gay-straight alliance club” at Wheaton. Massey describes himself as a “gay Christian” and says his sexual identity is not only compatible with his faith, but “absolutely critical.”

And even though the Wheaton’s administration has replaced Massey, there seems to be little change.

Soon after Wheaton assumed leadership of Refuge last year, the Wheaton Chaplain’s Office hired Julie Rodgers, a “celibate gay Christian,” to lead the group as student counselor. Rodgers believes God uses her homosexuality to glorify Him.

“As God has redeemed and transformed me, he’s tapped into those gay parts of me that now overflow into compassion for marginalized people and empathy for social outcasts—he’s used my gay way of being for His glory rather than making me straight,” Rodgers asserted on her personal blog last year.

The problem for me is not that these two people have a sin they struggle with. We all do.  My issue is that these people still identify themselves as “Gay Christians.”  They seem to be wearing their sexual sin as a badge.  And so I wonder, would Wheaton allow a pedophile club?

Would this school be as comfortable with forty-year-old men who confessed that they have, in the past, molested children, lead a club on campus?  Would they be sent out to run children’s Bible studies?  No.  We know that they would not.  But we must be clear.  You are an utter fool if you think that this is not as dangerous.

Besides the danger, are we not getting too comfortable with this issue?


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