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When Americans & Christians Push Back, We Win! – Here’s Some Examples

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Published on: October 29, 2015

Let me start with a disclaimer for those who can’t figure it out on their own. Violence is never the way. With that said, protecting yourself physically from people who are trying to do you physical harm is not violence, it’s called self-defense.

This week, as I do every week, to get ready for 3 hours of radio each day, I read emails sent to me from around the country about issues and problems going on in our local communities, schools, and work. Regularly, it seems that conservatives or the more Right-leaning people are verbally abused by the Left. They are called names like Neanderthals, ignorant, haters, prudes, and name-your-phobe. The list goes on. I’d go to my trigger room, but there isn’t one for conservatives! Trigger rooms are reserved for those “progressives” who feel that any term or word that makes them feel uncomfortable should be banned and the person speaking the words should be labeled haters.

Every aspect of life, every value, every good and decent thing that this country stands for is not only being challenged, but is being viciously attacked, and mostly by people who want and want and want and things they usually don’t deserve or haven’t worked for.

Before you fly off the handle, we all should have the opportunity (not a guarantee!) to pursue a life of happiness and prosperity. That doesn’t mean we get to do it from the couch or pub, but by working, and working hard. Many wealthy people have made it through hard work, determination, and self-risk. People who work for other people’s companies also had the opportunity to pursue their own business and could have also been successful, but they chose to work for someone else, period.

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Our young people, being educated by some pretty left-wing loons in academia, are protesting the American flag being flown in colleges across America! Why? They say it’s because our Flag is oppressive! Who taught them that? Do they not have enough brain power to figure out the “Oppressive Country” that flag represents is the one they are sponging off of with grants, reduced fees, on campus job opportunities and more? If it’s so much better in Denmark, Sweden, and other places they seem to admire so much, they should go there… and the sooner the better!

Most honest immigrants come to this country for opportunity, not handouts! They want the American way of life, our laws, and our education! Most came from a place where there really is no justice and no real opportunity for education or for someone to make something of themselves. It can’t be immigrants wanting to change America, otherwise why even bother coming here? They want what we already have!

It’s become a war of words and the squeaky wheel is getting most of the attention.

People, it’s time to become the squeaky wheel! I’m not suggesting by any stretch you start shouting obscenities or party lines or even religious lines. I’m saying you need to get informed… and push back. I’m saying you need to encourage your like-minded friends to get together… and push back!

The CEO of Mozilla was pressured to resign for giving a $1000 donation in 2008 supporting Proposition 8 (law to ban sodomite “marriage”) in California in the same year Obama said he was not for redefining marriage to include sodomites. When those on the left found out about his donation six years later, they went crazy and called for his resignation. But both Hillary and Mr. Obama also said that marriage was between a man and a woman until 2013 and 2012 respectively. Where is the outcry from the Left for Hillary to have stepped down as Secretary of State? Did the same Left boycott all the companies who gave money to Obama? Nope! And that’s just downright dishonest.


Take the Black Lives Matter group. Are they interested in truth and justice? For the most part, No! As we’ve since found out, the U.S. Justice Department, headed up by a black Attorney General and a black President, reports that “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” was a lie, a false mantra, and yet, the Left still supports that lie!

At least a dozen black police officers have been shot and killed this year. Where were the Black Lives Matter people? Nowhere to be found! Except in New York at a Black Lives Matter rallying around the brutality of police on blacks!

Look how quick Bernie Sanders turned tail and ran. He actually let them have his campaign stage! Can you imagine him as a leader?

What was missing from these examples? Push back!

The Benham Brothers had their HGTV show cancelled because of their outspoken views on same-sex “marriage.” Producers called and asked them flat out if they were against same-sex “marriage.” They responded “yes,” so their show was cancelled! Is “that” community that powerful in Hollywood that you can’t honestly express an opinion or have a conversation? How un-American!

The bank associated with their business also pulled the plug on all the properties they were working on. There could have been millions in damages, but wait! The brothers prayed about it and decided to call the family, just like the other side did. Guess what happened? The bank received such an outcry that they reinstated all the loans and the brothers are doing great! We pushed back and it worked!

One of my favorites, Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson, spoke out against same-sex “marriage” and, again, the Left went out of their minds calling for immediate cancellation of their show! What’s funny is, many of the tabloids just couldn’t understand the show’s attraction with a bunch of backwoods hicks. They considered them a joke. But if they’re such a joke, why do they care so much about what Phil says? The network suspended Phil until they made a decision. In the meantime, the family came out and let the public know why Phil was suspended. Phil came out and said he was going to put God first. And with the outcry from the public at-large, the network reinstated Phil and the show. We pushed back and it worked!

To my conservative and Christian friends, stop being the door mat. Stop being the “meek.” Do a little Bible study and see what it really means to be meek. Speak out for God. Muslims do it. They are feared and praised for it! Why aren’t you standing up for Godly principles?

My conservative friends, stop thinking the madness is going to stop on its own, that somehow, someday the light will come on and those progressive, socialist loons are going to go “OMG what are we doing? We have to fix this!” It’s not gonna happen!

Again, you don’t have to be violent. MLK wasn’t violent and he got much accomplished.

If you see basic American rights being taken away from someone or they are being threatened, then support those whose liberty is being attacked! Eat at the Christian or conservative-owned establishment. See movies made by conservative, Christian, moral Americans. Stop supporting artists because “I love her music” as she swings naked from a wrecking ball…

Enough with the “live and let live.” They are not allowing you to do the same. You have just as much a right to exercise real American Constitutional freedoms. Don’t just “verbally hit them” on Facebook… take it to the financial streets!

They understand money! They hate noise. They don’t want to be uncomfortable! Make them uncomfortable. Push back! Almost every time we do, we win! So, don’t give up and give in. #AmericanValuesMatter

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