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When Governments Play GOD: The TRUTH About GLOBAL GEOENGINEERING, Backed by FACTS

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Published on: October 23, 2022

After I got my eyes back and started working again, I talked to a former reader. He basically told me, “Dean we miss the old you. In recent years you have gone soft and turned your back on the truth.” That’s far from an exact quote, but more of a paraphrase of what he told me. He was absolutely right.

At one time I ran websites that were both ranked in the top 25,000 in the world and made about $100,000 a year. Then I went soft to try to please those who would censor me if I didn’t. I starting focusing more on “he said, she said” politics and less on important truths. For roughly 15 years I have been like a sponge that absorbed every ounce of truth I could. God blessed me with good intellect and often I could spot things that others could not.

The truth is that YOUR government, in conjunction with nearly all other national governments on planet earth, is playing God. Recently I wrote an article about Hurricane Ian, just to ask a few questions of what if?

If you want to peruse that article, it gives substantial proof that YOUR government actively controls the weather(It will open in a new tab so you can read it after you read this.) Can they create a hurricane or alter it’s path? I have no answers for that, only suspicions and opinions. Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one. LOL So I try to report facts but also try to report unknown, or little known, facts so you can make your own decisions.

Today I want to challenge you to expand your own mind. If you will give me your time on this Sunday, the following video will prove to you scientifically that many of the weather patterns you see are manufactured by Government and not God. It will also expose to you that the American government, and the vast majority of governments around the world, are playing a dangerous game which is killing people arbitrarily. In their minds, they are God.

From and Dane Wigington, The Diming:

Please watch the above video, or at least a good portion of it. I promise you that you will learn more truth in an hour or two than you have learned in the last year. I’ve spent nearly 15 years of my life looking for truth and honestly I have seen things that I am afraid to put in print, but…

I am nearly broke and very much disabled so I no longer have to worry about protecting my income. I no longer have to worry about those who will call me crazy. I am trying very hard to heed the words of my old friend and get back to what made me famous. Speak the truth Dean and if my $400 a month blogging income disappears, who cares? Maybe God disabled me so I could feel free to speak the truth again, meaning the WHOLE truth, because I need to let you all know what I know… before it’s too late.

I am not the sharpest marble to ever roll out of the bag folks, but if you watch that video you will notice a lot of talk of Aluminum, which is not good for human consumption. One of my worst habits is drinking pop out of Aluminum cans. Not good at all. Aluminum is not beneficial to the body in any way. So again the bottom line is this. They are trying to save the earth, secretly, but killing humanity in the process. They are playing God and failing miserably.

Humanity hangs in the balance. They released a disease and vaccines that have killed millions. They poison us constantly with 5G. They control the climate. Governments of the world work in unison to enslave humanity and even the wars they fight serve a purpose. The government leaders become play actors who make Americans hate Russians. for example. It’s very much scripted and we are very much controlled.

Until we can wake the world up to what is really going on, hope hangs in the balance. I don’t give up and someday I hope to fight along side all of you, regardless of your politics.

My ex-Father-in-Law worked for airports for most of his life. He thinks I’m crazy, but am I? This stuff is very well documented. It’s real. Of course they don’t let everyone in the airline industry know what is going on. Only those who must know will know.

This stuff is real and God is the only one who can save us. I am just trying to help spread truth to help Him out. That is my job.

God Bless You ALL. We have a world to take back. God gave it to us, not our evil governments.

We are all afraid but shouldn’t be. God is on OUR side.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

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