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When The Nazis Did It, They Were Crimes Against Humanity – When The American Government Does It, It’s Called Science!

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Published on: September 8, 2020

“After committing horrific crimes against humanity as a Nazi doctor Josef Mengele fled to South America and worked as an abortionist.”

Today, we are hearing so much about vaccinations and the need for them, which obviously is coming from the same ones that are selling you the virus.

As a matter of fact, it was none other than Bill Gates who said, “Those that engage in anti-vaccine efforts… They kill children.” One might want to pull the curtain back on Bill Gates and look to who his father was before taking him at face value.

Bill Gates’ Dad Was Head of Planned Parenthood (60 Million Babies Murdered), Inspired His Population Control Views – And He Wants to Help People? Get Behind Me Satan! (Videos)

After watching the videos below, you can understand why people are saying no to vaccinations (Considering what and who it is that is being sacrificed to bring about the very ingredients to these vaccination -Leviticus 19:19), then and only then do things begin to make sense.

How Many Babies Died?

Video Scrubbed

Deposition of Stanley Plotkin

Video Scrubbed

This brings up the very point of this article:  Cells, cellular debris, protein and DNA from aborted babies are found in these vaccines? Unbelievable! (Proverbs 6:17)

They say that innocent babies in the womb are being dismembered and dissected for experimental purposes, for science and now, for vaccines.

60 million babies, which is equivalent to that of the population of 18 states, to date, have been slaughtered in the womb because Americans have been desensitized and have taken on, by their said representatives, that it is a choice to murder a human baby (Exodus 20:13).

Now, if you know anything of history you will remember the name Josef Mengele, otherwise known as the “Angel of Death.”  Mengele was an SS officer under the monstrous Adolph Hitler who was responsible for the genocide of 12 million Jews, Gypsies and dissidents. He was also a physician during World War 2.

The crimes of Josef Mengele

What it is that should get your attention here, friends, is that when Adolph Hitler committed these heinous crimes against humanity, there was outcry throughout the world to put a stop to it. As a matter of fact, 405,399 American men fought, bled and died to put an end to Adolph Hitler’s reign of terror. But now, somehow or another, the American government is allowed by the people in this country to eradicate its own population because they call it science (vaccinations), even convincing the people that murder is simply a choice (abortion).

Therefore, outside of the wordplay, what is the difference between what Adolph Hitler did and what the American people are tolerating through their said representatives today?  There is no difference!

Are We As Far Gone As Germany?

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