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When You Speak The Truth Against Tyrannical Lies, This Is What Happens – But We Overcome! (Video)

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Published on: July 26, 2021

Following a special report The Sons of Liberty produced on Sunday, the British Mockingbird, corporate-owned media attacked our health and wellness expert, Kate Shemirani.  We knew they would and we knew people would be calling on the police to investigate her simple reference to history and a warning to those engaged in the same behavior concerning the experimental injections.  She warned they were acting criminally in violation of the Nuremberg Code and called on those listening to report those doing so.  That turned into the media saying that she was calling for the hanging of nurses and doctors, which she did not do.  So, after the press had their moment to slander her and others on Twitter did the same, we called Kate back on to play her speech in context and allow her to set the record straight.

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