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Where Are The Men? (Video)

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Published on: January 17, 2023

The attacks on men and masculinity have been a full frontal assault not only in American society, but all across the earth.  Men have been abandoned by fathers and thus have become weak, compromising, impotent beings rather than what God intended them to be.  In recent episodes on The Sons of Liberty, I have asked, “Where are the men?”  We have spoken about We The People being the able bodied men of the militia spoken of in Article I, Section 8, Clause 15, you know, the guys who enforce the law, put down insurrections and repel invasions?  Yet, where are they?  They have to be built back up again!

Pastor and author of The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government Matt Trewhella has recently produced a short video asking, Where are the men?  I believe it is not only a vital question to ask, but also something men are going to have to ask themselves, where are we?  What are we doing?  If we are not the men God has commanded that we be, how can we repent and become such men?

Trewhella writes, “Manhood is a virtue lost in America today. All of the culture, including American Christianity, has suppressed and ridiculed manhood. Many forget what manhood actually means.”

“To be a man means to fulfill the God created order intended for man, to follow Christ and represent his image,” he continues.  “Manhood is not about appearance, material possessions, or puffed up chests. It is about character. We lack men of character today, those willing to stand in the gap, interpose for the helpless. Just look at how many put on the mask and got the jab. That compliance alone shows you the dearth of manhood in America.”

Indeed, it does!  So, consider the following four-minutes of what could be a life-changing reproof in your life, men.

Be sure to check out Matt’s sermon on the subject taken from Acts 17:1-15.

When he speaks about men of character, consider the description to the above sermon:

This is classic Christianity in action. True Christianity confronts the false religions and paganism of the cultures. True Christianity confronts and comes into conflict with the idols of cultures. And that is what is happening here.

Notice this form of true Christianity is wholly opposite of American Christianity and all the Christianity of the West in our day – which tries to accommodate itself to the world – to live in peaceful coexistence with the world. To appease and conform to the world – even to where it can live in peaceful coexistence with and accommodate itself to homosex – when such behavior is condemned in see-spot-run fashion in Scripture.

We have to ask – where are the men who fear God? All of present-day Christianity tries to effeminize men – make men into women – condemn and cajole manly behavior – and yet, the world is screaming for men who love God to speak! And to act!

These who have turned the world upside down! This means ‘those who have caused trouble!’ It means ‘those who are declaring something contrary to what we have known!’ To them this is an attack upon our filthy way of life; a possible end to our status quo. Biblical Christianity causes conflict because it confronts the idols and thinking and evil of the culture.

And I say – where are the men of God that will say ‘away with this bauble’ – and in fealty and faithfulness and love for Christ will confront the idols. Where are they?

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