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Where Does President Trump Go From Here?

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Published on: November 7, 2018

In the last two years, the Republicans had a once in a generation opportunity to enact a thoroughly conservative agenda and to diminish the Democrat Party as a political force.

Unfortunately, through fecklessness and lack of true conservative convictions, they have now squandered that opportunity, likely for good. Republicans took the House from the Democrats in 2010 because they believed in and campaigned on conservative principle – resisting the gargantuan growth of government, returning power to the people, reducing government spending and taxes. Virtually none of it got done.

The last two years have been particularly disappointing as Republicans were unable to do something as basic as fund the border wall that the president campaigned on and the people wanted.

The people looked at what a Republican House has failed to do in the last eight years, and decided it was time to give somebody else the reins. This means that even though the border wall was in our grasp, we will not see it in our lifetime. Open borders-amnesty advocates now control the House, and there will be no funding for a wall or for anything else that would meaningfully strengthen our borders.

In 2020, President Trump will be able to campaign thunderously against the obstructionism of a Democrat controlled House as he wards off one investigation and subpoena after another. Democrats have no interest in actually working across the aisle to get something done in the next two years – they just want to bury the president in a pile of paper so deep that will take him years to dig out of.

We face an extraordinary two years in which it is entirely possible that absolutely nothing will get done in Congress. Bad bills should die in the Senate the moment they arrive from the House, and if they make to the president’s desk, they should be DOA in the Oval Office.

So, the next two years will be a gridlock of investigations, subpoenas, and chaotic obstructionism. What can the president do?

He has two powerful weapons he can deploy immediately. He now has an even larger majority in the Senate which he can use to confirm a boatload of originalist judges. He should immediately start running them up the ramp and make sure the Senate is confirming them at warp speed. If the judiciary is filled with his appointees, appointees who revere the Constitution, who believe it should be understood as the Founders intended, and apply it faithfully and without distortion, they will be able to revolutionize our jurisprudence in a constitutional direction for decades. This, if he pursues it, will be his enduring legacy.

The second weapon he has, besides the strong Senate majority, is a veto stamp. He has often promised to deploy it to stop bad legislation, but hasn’t done it yet. If anything makes it out of the House and survives in the Senate, due to Sen. McConnell’s craven determination to compromise with the adversary, the president can be assured he’ll see a whole batch of bad legislation that deserves to be buried in the Swamp. If Congress wants to override his vetoes, let ‘em do it. It will just make them look terrible in the eyes of the voters they need.

Plus, the president still has complete constitutional authority over the entire executive branch. He can use it to direct them to continue stripping the federal registry of economy-destroying regulations, and to start implementing legislation that has been ignored and never actually implemented. His administration will spend a whole lot of time in court, and yet with more and more judges committed to originalist rather than activist jurisprudence, more and more of his directives will be upheld.

So, if the president seizes the moment, these next two years can be exceptionally productive regardless of the Swamp’s determination to block him at every turn. Get to work, Mr. President. You have a whole lot of Americans in your corner.

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