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While Obama Makes Deals With The Islamic Government Of Iran, He Is Doing Absolutely Nothing For All Of The Christians Iran Is persecuting Right Now

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Published on: March 12, 2015

While Obama is making deals with Iran on the use of nuclear energy, he is not at all mentioning the persecuted Christians as leverage against the Iranians. Persecution against Christians in Iran is at an all-time high right now, and not a word from Obama on this. According to a report that came out just today:

Christians continue to be arbitrarily arrested and interrogated because of their faith. Some face “severe physical and psychological torture” during detention, and simple prayer or Bible study meetings are regarded as political activities that threaten the national security of Iran, the report says.

Churches can be closed down if they use the national language, Farsi, and Christians are regularly given long prison sentences and beatings. The worst punishments are reserved for those who convert to Christianity from Islam, when they are caught gathering in their informal house churches, and for their pastors.

Two all-party parliamentary groups, Christians in Parliament and International Freedom of Religion or Belief, joined forces to investigate the persecution of Christians in Iran.

The report details the case of one man sentenced to death simply for questioning some of the tenets of Islam on social media. Sadeq Saba, editor of BBC Persian, told the inquiry: “I hear from some people that the reason the regime is taking such a tough line against people like him is because a lot of people are becoming disappointed with Islam as a religion because of what the regime is doing.”

Many cases are kept secret, but more than 90 Christians were known to be behind bars in Iran at the end of 2014. Raids and arrests in Christian homes are common, and recently a 12-year-old boy was physically abused during such a raid.

When three officers raided one Christian woman’s house she told them:

Are we murderers? Thieves? Criminals?

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She recounted their answer:

The three men then told her that it would be better for me to be a murderer or a thief than a Christian or a Jew.

Christians go missing for weeks at times when they are being interrogated by the Iranian authorities. The Christians forced to remain in interrogation rooms where they are questioned each night after midnight, for hours on end. One of the priorities of the authorities is to purge Iran of all New Testaments, since they show clearly that Christ taught His Divinity. This is quite ironic since Muslim apologists in America always twist verses of the New Testament to make it appear as though Jesus never taught that He was God. While Muslims in America try to use the New Testament scriptures to prove heresy, in Muslim countries they are destroying or confiscating New Testaments.

Christian prisoners are even threatened that if they don’t convert to Islam that their families will be killed.

Donald Trump has been more active in helping Iranian Christians than the US government. Donald Trump has protested America’s indifference toward pastor Saeed Abedini, a Christian pastor currently in prison in Iran, as the Obama administration continues to make deals with the Iranian government, even releasing an Iranian nuclear physicist in the process. Trump said on Twitter:

Re Kerry admitting to ‘working’ for Pastor Abedini’s release–why has US already released Iranian spies & nuclear scientist?

Trump even had a meeting with Saeed Abedini’s wife, Naghmeh, and wrote later:

Naghmeh Abedini, the lovely wife of the Christian Pastor Saeed being held in an Iranian jail, just left my office.

Naghmeh would later recount her thanks to Mr. Trump:

I am most thankful that, of the many issues that Mr. Trump could engage, he has chosen to speak out about the unjust imprisonment of my husband by the Iranian government. This reveals to me the heart of Mr. Trump and his commitment to religious freedom … I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Trump for his concern of my husband and our family. I am very grateful for his support and want to offer the most valuable gift I have – the gift of prayer. May God Bless Mr. Trump and his family.

On November of 2013, Trump put this up in support of Abedini and in disgust of Obama not bringing up Abedini in his “talks” with Iran:


Obama is making deals with Iran and not even mentioning Abedini. As Obama supports Muslim terrorists and is silent in regards to Christian persecution in Iran, this just tells us on whose side the president is on: the Muslims.


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