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Whistleblower Complaint Should Be Burned On The White House Lawn

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Published on: September 27, 2019

The problems with the so-called “whistleblower” complaint against President Trump are legion. For one thing, this guy’s not a “whistleblower” at all. A true whistleblower – an NFL referee for instance – blows the whistle when he actually sees an infraction of the rules with his own eyes. This anonymous dude, whoever he may be, by his own admission didn’t see nothin’. That’s nothin’ as in nada, zip, zilch, nothing.

This is the equivalent of an NFL official who throws a flag because somebody told him that he’d heard from a trusted friend that the friend had seen pass interference.

The entire complaint is a rehearsal of rumors this scandal-mongerer had heard from anonymous sources or from the Talking Snake Media, people who lie for a living. This report belongs on the pages of the National Enquirer, not in the halls of Congress.

Jesus himself told us that we are not to accept an accusation against anyone unless it comes from a minimum of two or three witnesses. We’re certainly not going to accept an accusation based on zero witnesses. We couldn’t convict a  guy who boosted a box of Milk Duds on this kind of evidence.

Further, the Independent Counsel for the Inspector General said he discovered that the miscreant was actively hostile to Trump and did not want to see him re-elected. This is the Deep State at work. This is nothing more than an addendum to the “insurance policy” that McCabe, Strozk, and Page cooked up to take Trump out after he was elected. If you’re worried about election interference, there it is right there.

The rumor-mongerer is being defended by a law firm that was started shortly after Trump was inaugurated in 2017 and has been trolling for tattle-tales ever since. This complaint has nothing to do with justice; it has everything to do with unvarnished hatred for the president.

Sadly, the invertebrate wing of the GOP, rather than coming to the president’s defense, is letting him twist in the wind. If you want a friend in Washington, you best not hope to find one in the Republican Party.

The press is determined to make this a Trump scandal but it’s not. This has been a Biden scandal from jump street. The only mob-style stuff here was Biden shaking down Ukraine by withholding a  billion dollars until they got his son’s company off the hook, and kept him in $50,000 a month of Ukrainian clover. And not only was Uncle Joe unapologetic about his shakedown, he bragged about it openly at the Council on Foreign Relations. There’s your corruption, right there.

The president was right to be concerned about corruption in Ukraine. Before we dump $391 million into a country we need to have some reassurance that it’s not going to wind up in the wallets of thieving oligarchs. And Biden’s corruption was certainly a threat to the democratic process in the United States. If we have a prominent political figure like a former vice-president active in American politics, it’s essential that we know that he is not using whatever influence he has to serve the interests of a foreign country rather than the interests of the United States just to pad his son’s bank account. Trump would be derelict in his duty if he did not explore this. It’s not an abuse of power for the president to do his job.

Since President Trump is not a part of the intelligence community – he’s over it as the sole repository of all executive power under the Constitution – there is no statutory authority for this wretchedly unsatisfactory document to even reach Congress, let alone dominate the national conversation for days on end. The fact that such a misbegotten and anonymously sourced complaint got this far is abysmal. Shame on everyone who participated in this sham.

Bottom line: This complaint should be taken out to the front lawn of the White House and set on fire.

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