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White Privilege? Let’s ask Nick Vujicic

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Published on: April 12, 2016

The other day, a Facebook friend inquired in one of my posts, what exactly is “White Privilege”?  She had heard the term talked about quite frequently among some of her Black friends.  You see, she was White and Hispanic, and had come from a hardscrabble, blue collar background where privilege was nowhere in her vocabulary or upbringing.

My first response was to ignore the comment as I surely didn’t want to get into an in-depth conversation to explain exactly what it wasn’t and the origins of the term; nor did I want to incur the wrath of those on the liberal side of the aisle who happen to share my darker paint job, who would pepper me with insults including “Uncle Tom,” “Sell-out,” “Pawn for the Man,” etc., etc.

I guess I am a glutton for punishment, so I ventured in anyway.  Below is my response to her initial inquiry. Identities have been omitted to protect the privacy of those who contributed to the post with their comments:

My Hispanic/white friend: I never really understood the difference between myself and a black person, because from where I am sitting, we are all very much alike.

For the record, whatever ‘white privilege’ it is I constantly hear about – I never saw it. I can’t even begin to pretend to tell you what it looks like.  I’m the same. Who decided we were any different, just based on pigmentation of skin? Not me, I promise. 

My response: On point! PS, “White Privilege” is a myth and propaganda used by those who proselytize Liberation Theology to create a class of victimhood. God is the final arbiter in the affairs of man. Always has been, always will be. 

Initial comment from a black friend who chimed in based on my response:  White Privilege is NOT a myth and no I am NOT a Democrat. I have seen first-hand the works of white privilege or whatever u may call it. It definitely exist[s], especially here in NC. 

My response: I vigorously disagree. If White privilege is true then God and his Word is a lie. God is the final arbiter in the affairs of man. What you are actually speaking on is, is life fair? And I agree, life “ain’t fair”. But God is just and he controls it all. So if you see someone who you think has advantage. You have to ask yourself, that’s not fair, and why? And the only way you are going to get that answered is to ask God, why is that? From my experience, most of the time He is not going to answer and only say to you in response “my grace is sufficient.” And if he does answer at all, you may not like what He has to say.

White Privilege is indeed a myth. My ethnicity has never stopped me from attaining any goal I have set for myself. Slowed me down? Maybe, but it never stopped me. To think our white brethren have some kind of lock on success in life is to fall prey to the very inferiority complex that we as Blacks say we don’t have, and that we say White people cast on us. And that viewpoint (in my humble opinion) does NOT line up with scripture. 

My Final Point: A person born with a handicap of some sort, let’s say no arms and no legs like this guy Nick Vujicic. Does that mean we have some sort of privilege that he was denied? That he is owed something by us because we have arms and legs and he doesn’t? And who’s to blame for his station in life? Difficult questions to answer no doubt. Only God has the answers. And as I said in my previous post, Frequently God’s only answer is “my grace is sufficient.” I met Nick last year. I would say he lacks nothing in life. And he would tell you the same. He is one the world’s most sought after public speakers. The waiting list for those requesting him to come speak is over 1 year long. He is married to a beautiful wife and has 2 wonderful children. Life “ain’t fair” my friend but God is just. And he is the final arbiter in the affairs of man. To see it as anything less is to see oneself as a victim. As for me, I am no one’s victim, I am a victor… overcomer! God’s speed.  

Here is a clip of Nick Vujicic:

A response from another Black friend who jumped into comment was, “I agree with you 100% on this one Lonnie Poindexter!”

There was further comment from the Black friend who continued to dissent my initial response. She told me I was missing her point and continued to defend her view that white privilege was a reality, even stating her white friends told her White Privilege is real.

Here is my final response to hopefully open her eyes to the false narrative that is “White Privilege.”

The very term “White Privilege” infers impediment of success. It implies “privilege” over someone else, that they have access to something(s) that we, as Blacks don’t have. By very definition that is a lie from the pit of hell. Any white person telling you they have some kind of privilege card that we don’t have is lying to you. I have quite a few years on you age wise. I have pretty much seen it all. I worked for Silicon Valley high tech firms for 20 plus years. I was always the only Black, the first black or one of a handful of blacks. Did I have to deal with racism? Of course I did. But it never stopped me from my goals. I was never dis-invited to the good ol’ boys club because I made sure I was included whether they wanted me there or not. How did I do that? By God opening doors that no man could close.  

There is no such thing as white privilege because you plus God equals a majority (as the old church folk would say). Every negative encounter I had, God would turn the adversary either into my ally or my footstool. To perceive white privilege is to infer and accept inferiority….period! 

Name a place for me where whites can live and Blacks can’t…… Name a job that whites can get that Blacks can’t have…… Name a school where whites can go and Blacks can’t go…. Name a restaurant where whites can eat and Black can’t… You can’t because there ain’t one my dear! It’s a myth! 

You see, I was around during the civil rights movement. It was not the law that made prejudice people comply with our request for 1st class citizenship in America, It was the people, Black People (along with many other ethnicity) who stood up to racial discrimination. Only then did things change. The law only came after. But again you miss my point. But I will leave this alone and dust off my sandals…..God’s speed young lady. 

She finally admitted that she at least agreed with some of my commentary, but would not budge on her white privilege mantra.  I am afraid this is a core problem with a segment of the black community: the acceptance of a false narrative that throws one squarely into the arms of victimhood and perceived inferiority.  That acceptance is a direct slap in the face to the pioneers of Black ethnicity who overcame seeming insurmountable obstacles to obtaining greatness in America. These pioneers are the likes of Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, and George Washington Carver, who laid down the foundations so that we could stand on their shoulders and achieve even greater feats.

The true history of Black America is one of overcoming; and the true mantra of America, Black or White, is or should be: “Not a victim, but a victor… Overcomer!” Just ask Nick!

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