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White Privilege and the Real Racist Attitudes of the Left

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Published on: January 2, 2017

Across the nation public universities continue to push the false “white privilege” narrative. Liberal colleges, in an attempt to prove America is a racist, white supremacist nation, push the idea that white people are the beneficiaries of unearned privileges in American society. They insist that minority populations are oppressed victims and that American institutions, being set up only to benefit the white man, systematically discriminate against them. Not only is this false ideology limiting the potential of minorities in America by insisting they cannot succeed in such a racist country, it is creating a new racial hatred which if left unchecked, will surely end in violence. We have already seen this take shape in the revolutionary movement against police known as Black Lives Matter. Sadly, blacks and other minorities are being exploited in America. They are being used to stir up chaos and discontent in a strategy designed to fundamentally transform the nation, and the teaching of white privilege is but a means to this end.

White privilege education originated in Wisconsin in 2009 when the Department of Public Instruction developed a program called Create Wisconsin. The program was supposedly developed to address the achievement gap between white and black students. Educators argued that too many minority students were being placed in special education programs because public education was geared too much toward the “white culture” without addressing cultural differences between whites and minorities. From here, the idea that our society created conditions which made it impossible for minority students to succeed took hold. Every year there is an annual White Privilege Conference hosted by a group bearing that name. Their goal, as noted on their public website is to “deconstruct the white culture” in order to achieve racial justice. Looking at the way racial identity politics have taken a hold in America it could be argued that they are succeeding in their efforts.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, white privilege education is a means to an end. White privilege, or the idea of using racial conflict for societal change is Marxist in origin, and the people behind the scenes are not in search of racial or social justice but absolute control. Karl Marx argued that conflict between the social classes, the rich and the poor, would lead to a perfect classless society. This of course failed to materialize as the world’s workers failed to unite against their alleged oppressors. People like Antonio Gramsci picked up Karl Marx’s mantle and further elaborated on ways to create the needed conflict to bring about communism.  Gramsci’s idea was to create several different oppressed classes and put their values against the values of the dominant social group. This is called counter-hegemony. The word hegemony simply means the social influence exerted by the dominant class. So, counter-hegemony would mean creating a value system that is antithetical to this group. Looking at America today we see a society where everyone is a victim of the unfairness of American Republicanism. We have the feminist movement, the LGBT movement, various minority groups claiming to be discriminated against and a media working feverishly to make sure we know our values are not aligned. This is the work of the Marxist’s in our society following Gramsci’s plan for social change.

Further examining the left wing view of man, and the relationship between Marxist and Darwinian thinking leads to the understanding that it is in fact, the left that harbors a racist attitude. Our society has nearly become a full blown welfare state, and it is the promise of free money and benefits that the left relies upon to organize the minority vote. The constant pushing of the white privilege fable coupled with the idea that American society was developed so only certain people could reap the financial benefits has been a winning combination for the left.

To most people racism implies a hatred for a group of people simply because of their skin color. This is certainly the narrative developed by the left; however, it is taking on a new definition today as Democrats insist that blacks and other minorities need their social programs in order to compete on a level playing field. Every time someone speaks out against the massive spending on social welfare, which does little to alleviate poverty mind you, they are attacked as being a racist. Speaking out against programs like affirmative action, which again, the left insists is needed for minorities to have an equal footing, will get you labeled as a racist as well. The definition of racism has changed from being a hatred of someone because of their skin color to believing they are equal and not in need of special treatment.

In Economic Determinism vs. Freewill and the Destruction of our Morality, the belief that man is not in possession of a will of his own was discussed. Rather, communists tend to believe that mans actions will be controlled by the economic times in which he is forced to endure. This belief stems from Darwinian thinking in the sense that man, according to Darwin, is not a special being and has no more significance on Earth than any other animal. Our behavior is not ours to control but the product of our evolutionary roots. Taking this belief to its logical conclusion, it would be reasonable to argue that evolutionists believe that certain races are further along the evolutionary chain than others. In other words, the left truly believes that blacks and other minorities cannot succeed in a society such as ours without their intervention.

‘a central plank in Marxist doctrine today. The Nazis were convinced, as are communists today, that evolution had taken place, that all biology had evolved spontaneously upward, and that in-between links (or less evolved types) should be actively eradicated. They believed that natural selection could and should be actively aided, and therefore instituted political measures to eradicate the handicapped, the Jews, and the blacks, whom they considered as “underdeveloped.” (Wilder-Smith, B., The Day Nazi Germany Died, Master Books, San Diego, p. 27, 1982)

Benjamin Rush, who is known as the father of modern Psychiatry, held the belief that black people could not be free and needed government to survive. He believed they suffered from a disease that he compared to Leprosy which he called Negritude. He believed that because of Negritude black people should receive from whites double of what society has to offer. In other words, he didn’t believe black people were capable of producing on their own. Furthermore, the term Drapetomania  was coined by other psychologists of the time to describe a mental illness they ascribed to slaves who attempted to leave the plantation. They believed that a black man was better suited to a life of slavery than to one of freedom. Today, the Democrat party viciously attacks any minority who attempts to speak out against their destructive policies. Do today’s Democrats share these beliefs? It would seem so as they continually argue for the need of social programs aimed at helping minorities when in reality, they are further enslaving them.

Before the progressive movement black people were just as able to compete and succeed in this society as white people were. They had strong families, businesses and they loved their country. It was the promise of welfare and the creation of resentment politics that has decimated the black family and destroyed their free will to the point they believe they need government. The teaching of white privilege has done nothing but limit the possibilities for minorities to succeed while enslaving them to the idea that white society hates them and systematically discriminates against them. It is the left that is oppressing them through white privilege education and other Marxist programs just as it has been the Democrat party that had been their oppressors since the days of slavery.

You would have to be a racist in the first place to believe in white privilege anyway.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

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