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Whitewashing Islam: 9/11 Commission Knew About This Document From Hijackers, But Failed To Mention It

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Published on: June 21, 2017

I’ve been reading a book that is pretty thorough in going through the evidence from the Islamic jihad attacks of 9/11.  The book is titled The Eleventh Day: The Full Story of 9/11 by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan.  In that book, is something that many who have delved into the 9/11 attacks know, but very few Americans are aware.  In fact, neither the 9/11 Commission nor a Commission staff document even mentions finding documents that explicitly were Islamically religious in nature that was a “spiritual manual” or “handbook” for the 9/11 attacks.

Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah is not the only president to cover for Islam.  President George W. Bush and his administration did, as well, and these documents demonstrate that.

The FBI released the four-page documents, which were discovered in Mohamed Atta’s luggage, which did not reach the plane in time to be loaded in Boston.  Neither Atta nor his fellow jihadi Abdulaziz al-Omari had both checked luggage at the Portland Airport.

As the authors of The Eleventh Day write:

Atta’s pull-along bag turned out to be a window on his life—and on the nature of the 9/11 attacks. It contained his Egyptian passport and ID, which revealed his full name, a report card from the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University, and an addressed envelope indicating that he had lived in Germany. There were videotapes of Boeing 747 and 757 operating procedures, flight simulator information, and a flight computer in a case. A copy of the Qur’an, a prayer schedule, and Atta’s will—written and signed when he was only twenty-seven—revealed him to be intensely religious.

The significance of all that, however, paled beside that of another document. Seventeen days after the attacks, the FBI released four pages of Arabic script that had also been found in Atta’s bag. Further copies were recovered, moreover, one in the car Hazmi abandoned at Dulles Airport, another—apparently a remnant—at the United 93 crash scene in Pennsylvania. Neither the 9/11 Commission Report nor a Commission staff document—released later—even mentions the find. An obscure footnote lists the various other contents of the retrieved baggage, but not the document. The omission is extraordinary, unconscionable, for the telltale pages were important evidence. Scholars who have translated and analyzed them have described them as nothing less than a “Spiritual Manual” or “Handbook” for the 9/11 attacks.

Indeed Hans Kippenberg and Tilman Seidensticker did write on the documents in a book titled 9/11 Handbook: Annotated Translation and Interpretation of the Attackers’ Spiritual Manual.

Summers and Swan called the omission “extraordinary” and “unconscionable” because “the telltale pages were important evidence.”

The manual began with instructions for “Last Night,” a time to stay awake, to meditate, pray, renew the “mutual pledge to die,” to contemplate “the eternal blessing God has prepared for the believers, especially for the martyrs.”

The were also instructed to prepare physically for their mission.

“Shave the extra body hair and wear cologne,” “tighten your shoes well and put on tight socks so that they would not come out of the shoes” and “Performing the greater ritual ablution [washing thoroughly]” were a part of that instruction.

The jihadis were also to spit on “the suitcase, the clothing, the knife … equipment … ID … tdh [probably an abbreviation of tadh-kira, ticket] … passport … all your papers.”

“Each one of you must sharpen his knife,” the document read.

Summers, Anthony. The Eleventh Day: The Full Story of 9/11 and Osama bin Laden (Kindle Locations 2801-2802). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

They were also instructed to pray specific prayers (which is a central theme of the document) at specific times and places and to read and meditate on specific passages from the Koran.

Another prominent prayer that was to be prayed was, “O God, protect us from them … O God, we throw you against their throats and we seek refuge in you from their evil … Those who are enchanted by Western civilization are people who have drunk their love and reverence with cold water … Therefore do not fear them; but fear you Me, if you are believers” [Qur’an 3:175].

University of Chicago scholar Bruce Lincoln, in his 2003 book, Holy Terrors, notes that “God himself is mentioned a full 89 times and appears in more than three-quarters of the document’s paragraphs (30 out of 38).”

The author also indicates 25 mentions of Muhammed and the first generation of Muslims and discussion of these topics:  “purification (5 times), martyrdom (5 times), the need to struggle against infidels (11 times), and the promise of heavenly reward (6 times).”

These men were to recite repeatedly the first part of the Islamic creed, la ilaha illa llah—“There is no god but God.”

They were then given the exhortation, “Don’t show signs of confusion or tension, but be happy, cheerful, bright and confident, because you carry out an action that God loves and approves … Smile in the face of death, young man, for you will soon enter the eternal abode.”

As they boarded the plane, the were to “proceed with the prayer … and consider that it is a raid on the path [of God] … When the ‘t’ [the abbreviation, probably, for ta’ira airplane] begins to move slightly and heads for the ‘q’ [perhaps standing for the Arabic word for ‘takeoff position,’ or perhaps for Qiblah, the direction of Mecca, toward which the planes did point once diverted], recite the prayer of travel because you are traveling to God the Most High, for you are traveling to Allah … This is the moment of the encounter of the two camps. Recite prayers … ‘Our Lord, pour out upon us patience, and make firm our feet, and give us aid against the people of the unbelievers.’”

“Pray for victory, assistance and the hitting of the target for yourself and for all your brothers, and don’t be afraid,” the document encouraged.  “And ask God to grant you martyrdom … In close combat, strike firmly like heroes who do not wish to return to this world. Exclaim loudly Allahu akbar, because the exclaiming of Allahu akbar strikes fear into the unbelievers’ hearts … the heavenly virgins are calling you, saying, ‘O friend of God, come!’

“And when God grants any of you a slaughter,” the text read, “you should dedicate it to your father and mother.”

Then as they were about to complete their mission, they were instructed:

“If everything has come off well, each of you is to pat his apartment brother on the shoulder. And in the m [airport] and in the t [plane] and in the k [perhaps the abbreviation for kabina—cockpit] (each of you) should remind him that this operation is for the sake of God.… “When the true promise and zero hour approaches,” the manual’s readers were told, “tear open your clothing and bare your chest, welcoming death on the path of God. Always mind God, either by ending with the

“When the true promise and zero hour approaches,” the manual’s readers were told, “tear open your clothing and bare your chest, welcoming death on the path of God. Always mind God, either by ending with the ritual prayer—if this is possible—starting it seconds before the target, or let your last words be, ‘There is no God but God, and Muhammed is his Prophet.’ After that, God willing, the meeting in the highest Paradise will follow.”

So, for those that might call the hijackers “extremists” or “mentally ill,” think carefully.  They were simply devout Islamists, following in the very footsteps of Muhammed.

Kippenber wrote, “To those who investigated the events of September 11, the terrorists were people without any conscience or moral compass, intentionally attacking civilians. In fact, far from being devoid of morality, the terrorists had an excess of it. They sought to bring summary justice to bear on those who—the way they saw it—inflicted injustice on their people.”

“Civilians did die in the process. But the real targets, in the hijackers’ minds, were the power centers of the United States: the financial hub by striking New York’s Trade Center, the military hub by hitting the Pentagon, and—if as many think the plane that crashed in open country was meant to hit the Capitol or the White House—the heart of political power. I don’t think the Americans could quite handle the concept that the attackers went ahead with what they did impelled by what they believed their religion required. No one who reads the hijackers’ “manual,” though, can do so without seeing that it, certainly, is totally driven by faith.”

Why is this document so important?  Has anyone noticed how Islam has become a protected religion in a way like no other since 9/11?  Has anyone been paying attention to the Muslims who hold to the very same religion as the hijackers have moved into powerful positions, even in the White House?  Indeed 9/11 was an attack on America, but that attack was struck with Islamic religious conviction, and Americans need to wake up to the fact that Islamic ideology is the enemy of anyone and everyone who loves freedom.

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