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Who are America’s Enemies?

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Published on: January 4, 2020

Iran, Russia and China have held joint military exercises. This should speak volumes as to who our real enemies are outside of America. Inside America, we have communists and Muslims in Congress actually wanting the United Nations to take control in America. This should send shivers up the spine of Americans.

We can expect the usual attacks of terrorists on US soil instigated by Iran and China.

Their goal is twofold: cause anarchy in America so the UN could step in destroying America’s sovereignty, plus prevent President Donald Trump from getting re-elected.

The idea that China, Russia or Iran wanted Trump in office is ludicrous.

They wanted corrupt, wimpy Hillary.

The recent killing of Iran’s General Qassen Soleimani will be used as an excuse for further attacks.  However, since Trump is feared by our enemies, I doubt they will retaliate as aggressively as they claim. If they do, yet another strike by Trump would be eminent.

Throughout Muslim history, it is proven that capitulation always breeds more attacks by Muslims.

They respect those that have power and are not afraid to use it.

Trump is not afraid.

They love negotiations, which, by the words of the Quran and Sunna, can and should always be broken of it furthers Islam.

Negotiations always favor them and always fail.

Obama’s immigration policies allowed primarily Muslims to immigrate to the US, fulfilling the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MBH) objective of “Hijrah.”

This mandate by the Quran and Sunna demands that Muslims immigrate to non-Muslim countries and by increasing their numbers (high birth rates), interfaith church groups and getting involved in all levels of government and schools, they gradually take a country for Islam from within ( Civilization Jihad). One only has to look at Europe to see it unfolding before our eyes. Have we learned from it?

Remember, Obama had 6 MBH infiltrators in his administration.

Those were: Arif Alikhan ( assistant Sec of Homeland Security for Policy Development), Mohammad Elibiary ( member of Homeland Security Advisory Council), Rashad Hussein (U.S. special envoy to the organization of the Islamic Council), Salam al-Marayati (co-founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council), Imam Mohammad Magic (president of ISNA- Islamic Society of North America- a terrorist-supporting agency) and Ebo Patel ( Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships).

Truly the enemy within was there at Obama’s insistence, who himself has questionable roots tied to the MBH and Islam.

Trump needs to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization like several other countries have.

This would eliminate the many terrorist associated groups discovered in the HolyLand Foundation Trials from continuing to operate in America.

He also needs to stop excessive Muslims from immigrating and allow the real persecuted people – Christians and Jews – to immigrate.

Rest assured, ISIS is in every state of the union.

They used legal and illegal means to get here.

It’s long past due to clamp down on the enemies within our borders.

The problem is, many are already in Congress.

Vote wisely!

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