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Who Is It That Keeps Racism Alive?

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Published on: May 4, 2015

This week, among all the garbage that was going on in Baltimore, we saw something we don’t see very often… a parent taking charge of her teenage child who was going down to where the riots were happening. Once the vandalism started, it turned from protests to riots, but she marched through the crowd not caring about her safety to save her child’s life. God bless that woman!

She was a real hero doing something that we don’t see much of today: A parent saying, “No, no way, not my child, not today.” She said she wasn’t going to allow her son to disrespect property, disrespect the police, and destroy the community. She said he promised her he would not go down there! So, as she said, he lied and went where he should not have been.

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This single mom of 6 children took time off from work to be involved. She said when she saw him with his face covered and a brick in his hand she knew he was up to no good. She grabbed him and started smacking him around with an open hand. She told him if he wanted to protest he should be a man, show his face, and do it the right way… using nonviolence. (Remember, all you who love Dr. King – nonviolence.)

She did a good thing. She held her son accountable for his actions!

But did she really? The loons on the Left say “No!” They say what she did was wrong. Now Baltimore child protective services is investigating. They gave a statement, “If she would do this to her son in public, what is she doing to her kids in private?”  Are they serious?

Let me see. We have seen many kids punch, even knock out, teachers in classroom situations or on school grounds and that’s them “acting out because of their environment.” We are supposed to make excuses for them and not hold them accountable. But a mom gets physical to ensure her child does not act out criminal behavior and suddenly it’s the end of the world?

The loons don’t like all the positive attention she is getting. In many interviews her son keeps saying he knew what he was doing was wrong and didn’t know his mom cared so much about what he did. Wow! A positive response from the child! We can’t have that now, can we?

Then a psychologist, who happens to be black, said that the reason this video and incident was so popular was that white people like to see black kids getting beaten up, especially a black woman beating on a black man! I call B.S. big time.

Hey, loons! You want racism to stop? Stop making everything about racism! In the past, I’ve commented on many of the loon stories, like the one where PB&J’s are racist! Is it really racist that rich people can go to better schools than poor people? Or is it because there are more poor black people? Oh, and the latest rage is that the war on drugs is a war on black people. Why? It’s because there are more black people on drugs than others. Really, isn’t that a racist comment in and of itself?

It never crossed my mind that more blacks were on drugs than whites, Asians, and Latinos until a racist, black attorney brought it up and made my racist, white privileged self aware of the situation!

So, let’s go down that road. Most stories we see on black single moms are usually about how many kids they have by how many baby-daddy’s and how welfare is not giving her the money she needs to raise her children. The Right grabs on and complains how we need to stop supporting this kind of thinking. The Left jumps up and says we aren’t doing enough for the disadvantaged!

What’s confusing is we see an uplifting story about a mom. Now understand, no conservative writer or commentator I work with used the words “black mother” until the Left made a big deal out of it. She’s not on welfare and she took time off of her job to go take care of her responsibility. Yes, her 16 year-old child, who lied to her, was going down to commit felonies and possibly be injured or killed. She was mad and unashamed enough to smack him around with an open hand, trying to pull his face mask off. God bless this woman; not this black woman teaching her black, lying son a lesson. God bless this woman teaching her son a lesson. If you used the word “black” in there, then you, sir, are the racist!

It’s impossible to placate the Left. These loons want open borders, no rules, total socialism. We can’t hit our kids or hold them responsible. We can’t expect better from them in school or work. We can’t force people to work in any way, whether they be on welfare or in jail. So, we can’t demand anything of our citizen and non-citizens. Yet, they can demand and expect everything from the government via the law-abiding taxpayers.

You want equality? Charge the 101 rioters and vandals let go from Baltimore holding because the system was overloaded. Charging the 6 police officers the way they did is nothing more than appeasement, and that’s wrong. Should a police officer be charged? Probably, but I don’t have any of the reports or facts. Let’s allow a special district attorney deal with it.

There is so much about this that stinks, but most of all, the fact that the loons want this woman demonized for striking her child in public is one of the reasons this society is falling apart!

America, protect your children. Train and discipline then accordingly – and don’t let the government stop you!

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