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Who – Or, Better Yet – What, Is Keith Ellison?

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Published on: October 19, 2018

Who – or, better yet – What, is Keith Ellison?

How about if we start with this…

“What you do speaks so loudly, that I cannot hear what you say”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was born and raised in the military—at Womack Army Hospital, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.  I will resist the temptation to mention the year.

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I was raised under The Flag of Our Fathers, and OUR Grandfathers, with indelible concepts etched into my psyche, like Faith—a code of Honor—and Love of OUR Country, and Duty, were anything but platitudes, or slogans, without content, and a foundation to live by—each and every day.

I was also raised to appreciate—and to revere this grand and unique American Experiment—albeit an imperfect societal construct to be certain, inextricably linked to a never-ending desire to form “a more perfect union.”

This, my friends, is what Keith Ellison is not.

Beyond the hyperbole, these are the facts.

Apparently, Mr. Ellison does not know who he is either.  One thing for certain, from my point of view, is that this man-child suffers from a form of decompensation, resulting in a pathology we have witnessed throughout history. The result for anything or anyone in their path, once they achieve power and control, is always devastation and chaos.

He has gone by many names over the course of his adult life.  There is Keith Maurice Ellison (his real name).  AKA: Keith “X” Ellison—AKA: Keith Hakim (Ellison)—AKA: Keith Mohamad (Ellison)—X (Ellison)—and so on. That’s not a good sign from a psychological point of view, but is relevant.

Born and raised a Roman Catholic in Dearborn/Detroit, Michigan, Mr. Ellison has chosen an interesting path as an “American.”

His decision-making pattern and pathway, almost from the start?

Well, regardless of any iteration of his name for this week, Keith Maurice Ellison has chosen to tear America apart. He has worked very hard to rebuild America in the image of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin; and more recently, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Fidel Castro, Saul Alinsky, George Soros, and his mentor, the Nation of Islam’s anti-Semite (Now: “Anti-Termite”an Adolph Hitler/NAZI anti-Jewish slur by the way) – and hate monger, Louis Farrakhan.

One look at far too many of Ellison photograph’s and you begin to wonder what tin-pot dictatorship we live in.

In short, Mr. Ellison has been, and continues to be, a poor man’s version of Venezuela’s societal structure wrecking ball and Marxist, Hugo Chavez (may he not rest in peace). Remember when Caracas, Venezuela was a thriving city and tourist attraction? Not any longer.

During the early stages of Ellison’s descent into the Marxist-Socialist maelstrom in which he resides today, he abandoned his Roman Catholic upbringing and embraced the perfect combination of Communism, and Louis Farrakhan’s (a truly despicable human being) version of political Islam worship.

Sometimes referred to as “The Red/Green Axis,” Mr. Ellison found the perfect fit for his anarchy-laced intent, and systematic deconstruction (overthrow) and destabilization (“community organizer”) of the United States of America – the elimination of OUR U.S. Constitution, and OUR Bill of Rights – OUR “Representative Republic” (not a “mob rule” style democracy) – and to erase any sign of The American Experiment.

Per Ellison’s clear strategy, directed toward doing away with American sovereignty, he has been working overtime to destroy our country from an outside in/ inside-out approach, via Ellison’s “I Don’t Believe in Borders” mantra, which he so proudly proclaims. His intent is clear.

Couple this with Ellison’s emotionally convenient “conversion” to Political-Islam, an adopted totalitarian political ideology (a culturally convenient embrace of a 1,400 year-old barbaric and misogynistic social structure) that masquerades as a ‘religion’, while he hides behind the U.S. Constitution for cover and protection, a Constitution he has also been working overtime to destroy.

What’s not to love here?

Keith Ellison is a rabid Anti-Semite, plain and simple, and spends as much of his time, while in Washington DC, in the office of The Council on American Islamic Relationships (CAIR), the unindicted co-conspirator in the 2009 Holy Land Foundation Trial – for providing material support for Terrorists, as much as his congressional office.  Undercover agent Chris Gaubatz, a multi-year infiltrator of that office, supports this assertion completely. When he is actually there that is.

Then, there is the accepting of all that campaign contribution “booty” from a “leftist’s” lefty, George Soros, the Muslim American Society (MAS), and breaking bread (and taking their money) with Saudi Arabian, radical Muslim clerics, who have paid for, and have endorsed the killing of U.S. soldiers, while at the same time, also paying the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.

I am confused.  He is an American Congressman, is he not?

On the home front, Mr. Ellison also has very special and close relationships with “radical” Islamist, Palestinian, (“We Must Not Assimilate”) and Israel and Christian hater, Brooklyn NYC born Linda Sarsour, as well as a pal of our own, Minnesota’s Immigration Fraud mistress and personal experience specialist, Ilhan Omar, who was arrested in Minneapolis in 2013 for trespass.

Ellison and the adopted “culture” of Misogyny

In 2006, I personally investigated a report of domestic abuse by Congressman Ellison, dating back for many years prior, relating to Ms. Amy Alexander—a Democrat activist and Ellison campaign staffer.  She was age 19 when the extra-marital affair with Ellison began.

While, at first, I did not trust the reported abuse allegation, my research into the various details relating to the story proved to be more than accurate and remarkably damning of Mr. Ellison as a bully, and an emotional and physical abuser of women.

The written version of that story, published in the Wright County Republican Newspaper and Blog, is entitled: “Coming Out of The Dark.”  Nowhere else connected to any form of mainstream Minnesota media was this story acknowledged or published. I worked on that story at the time and interviewed Ms. Alexander on my weekly radio talk show program twice.

Not one Minnesota media outlet would touch this story, which speaks volumes when attempting to understand the past and present (Ms. Amy Alexander-2005-2006—&—Ms. Karen Monahan 2016-2018) cover-up connected to “serial” domestic abuse allegations over time, and the systematic cover-up of all things Ellison for many years here in the land of chronic denial, and where all hard news stories go to die.

For Amy Alexander, there was a verified 911 call (May 16, 2005) and her asking for police assistance when Ellison allegedly broke a screen door in a fit of rage as he exited her property after the 911 call was made—and ran.

There were multiple unpaid (Ellison) parking tickets in front of her home.  There was her request for a legal Order for Protection due to increased harassment by Ellison operatives in 2006, following an Ellison generated Order for Protection, and “Gag Order” by a Hennepin County Judge (“A Judge Ordered her not to discuss the alleged affair or the threats”).

In the end, it was all buried by anyone connected to the Minnesota Democrat (DFL) political machine—including the Hennepin County Minnesota Court and Minnesota law enforcement.  Not good form I think.

“His anger kicked in.  He berated me. Badgered me about my weight.  He grabbed me and pushed me out of the way.  I was terrified.  I called the police. As he fled he broke my screen door.  I have never been so scared.” 

Minnesota media has played a significant role in burying both stories.  Jeff Kolb posted the 911 call, which took place on May 16, 2005, indicating that “someone” (name redacted) reported that she (Alexander) was “assaulted by Ellison/Keith/41/LS Leaving Apartment”.


In 2006, Amy Alexander’s name was also dragged through the mud.  Shortly afterward, and after being continually harassed by Ellison operatives, attempting to bully her into recanting her story, she left the United States—permanently, and for reasons—as described to me—as feeling threatened, and for the personal safety for herself, as well as that of her family.

For Karen Monahan (2016-2018), born in Iran—and later adopted, there are medical records to support the Keith Ellison domestic abuse allegations, coupled with the witness of her son.  There are email exchanges between the parties, as well as Tweets.

“That is when he tried to drag me off the bed by my legs and feet, screaming, “Bitch you answer when I am talking to you.  I said, take out the trash, you’re a bad guest’ …He kept trying to drag me off the bed, telling me to get the f___ out of his house, over and over,” –2016

In short, both of these two Democrat activist women have been thrown under the political bus, as they say.

Although Democrats believe that “ALL women need to be believed,” per the “me too” environment we find ourselves today, their duplicity relating to their own abusive political rock-stars is more than obvious. In short, their “me too” mantra, is more of a “them only” reality.

Both women have been labeled by Ellison as “crazy” and “out to blackmail his campaign.”  Both women have been marginalized. Both women were EJAM volunteers (Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota).

Both women have been erased.

On August 13, 2014, and during an outdoor event – “Keith on Your Corner”, I asked Mr. Ellison four questions as a part of my on-the-record interview, with an offer to discuss a number of issues of the day with him—”on air”—radio/television. I won’t get into the first three questions at this time.

However, when I raised the issue of Amy Alexander with Mr. Ellison, while showing him a copy of the above-referenced news article with her photograph on the cover, inquiring as to whether he recognized the name and photograph, Mr. Ellison became visibly angry, stood up, and stepped toward me in a menacing manner, and declared that “This interview is over!”  Without a real answer given, his overreaction to my simple question, while I was smiling in his direction, was answer enough to satisfy me.

This man has a very bad temper.

There may actually be more women out there, pre and post his marital dissolution process with his former spouse, Kim.

Ironically, and even now, there has been an almost complete media blackout here in Minnesota about all this muck and mire, with the exception of out-of-town media sources, FOX News, The New York Times, The Western Journal, and Daniel Greenfield, to name a few.  Otherwise, Minnesota continues to be a wasteland relative to hard news reporting about—almost anything politically uncomfortable that needs to be addressed—especially these hard news stories.

Then, there came the faux request on the part of Ellison for a “House Ethics Committee investigation.” Please, spare all of us the phony theatrics, Mr. Ellison.

Then there was the even more now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t internal Minnesota Democrat Party (DFL) ‘investigation,’ which absolved Mr. Ellison of anything Monahan related, but conveniently has, once again, ignored the serial abuse nature of this entire matter by refusing to connect the dots (my 10-year-old grandson could put this one together) between the Alexander and Monahan stories of abuse.  Again for emphasis, both women are Minnesota Democrat activists to their core.

The Stories Vanish from the Internet

Please see the August 13, 2018 story about all this, entitled:  “2006 Story of Ellison Attacking Woman, Nearly Vanished From The Internet.”   Look toward George Soros and company, and their corrupt money machine for an answer as to the how and the why—relating to this piece.

The result for Minnesota?

Minnesota is being “colonized,” town by town—city by city.

And, it is coming at all of us like a runaway freight train now.

All facets of our Minnesota systems have been infiltrated and corrupted—or cowed—now.  From our body politic (mayors—city council—state legislators)—non-profit taxpayer-funded organizations—to various Law Enforcement Agencies, The Courts, and most definitely, the Minnesota mainstream media, and oh so willing propaganda mill.

Almost weekly, and sometimes daily, we see serious incident after incident occurring here, which would have been inconceivable only 10 years ago.

I could get into all the gruesome and barbaric acts of violence, the staged rioting (Valley Scare [ my Grandchildren – my Daughter & My Son-in-law were there ] – Scream Town—Mall of America rampage) designed to test the Minnesota “gag reflex.”  What has been discovered over time, is that Minnesota’s threshold for this sort of pain and misery, thrust upon all of us now, has no bottom to it.  There is no discernable “gag reflex” here, apparently.  Not as yet anyway.

Let us not forget the Hundreds Of Millions of STOLEN Taxpayer Dollars—emanating from ALL the Minnesota Social Services Programs Scams—Systems being ALLOWED TO BE BREACHED by one scam after another—(Potentially well over $500,000 ANNUALLY).  Much of this is being delivered by way of suitcases full of cash (Million Dollar hauls) leaving MSP Airport, and “Organized Crime style, elaborate wire overseas transfers (money laundering).  Much of the money transferred overseas is being delivered into the hands of Somali terrorists (al-Shabaab – Boko Haram – ISIS).  Minnesota taxpayer funds are being used to fund ordinance (Ammunition and Weapons), which is killing American and NATO combat troops, who are fighting the very same terrorist groups in Somalia.  See: 26-Year-old Ft Bragg, NC based, Special Forces Staff Sgt, Alexander Conrad – KIA on June 8, 2018, fighting Somali Terrorists—in Somalia.

Our Governor, and all those in authority with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, from the Commissioner to the DHS Inspector General, are completely aware of all of the above and have intentionally turned a blind eye to all of it. ALL OF IT!  And, according to a reliable source, “They (DHS & our Governor – and others) don’t care.”

‘..Just vote for me (us) and we will look the other way, all day long..’

See: 8-year veteran MN DHS forensic investigator (24-year Veteran Law Enforcement Officer) Scott Stillman – “whistleblower” – DHS scandal – (Fraudulent Daycare Billing Fraud – $100 Million Dollars annually?).  …”Just a drop in the bucket, compared to all the rest”…Medicaid Fraud—Food Stamp / SNAP Program Fraud – Phony subsidized transportation Fraud—phony subsidized child food program Fraud—Health Care Fraud—and more.

Then, there are the increasingly dangerous (staged in my opinion) antics designed to generate press coverage for MN CAIR, and the erasable and arrogant, “trained operative from CAIR central—Washington DC” and Minnesota CAIR director Jaylani Hussein and his henchmen. 

Back to Keith Maurice (AKA’s: Hakim – X – Muhamad) Ellison

If this amoral adult-child, completely devoid of conscience, integrity, or any sense of decency, were to become the next corrupt Minnesota Attorney General, all of the above, like Amy Alexander, Karen Monahan, and all the rest will be erased.

Additionally, Minnesota will become the next “Sanctuary State” and Sharia Law will take the place of OUR U.S. Constitutional Law, and OUR Bill of rights—State-wide.

Minnesota CAIR director, alongside Ellison, Waltz, Omar, will eventually—sooner than later—become the most powerful people in the corrupted body politic in the entire State of Minnesota.  We will become the next Dearborn and Detroit Michigan.

Anyone who offers a legitimate complaint about any of this will be prosecuted for “hate speech” and a “hate crime.”  (See Minneapolis “Hate Crime Hotline”)  Count on it!


Minnesota has already lost $65 billion dollars in personal wealth—which has exited Minnesota permanently just in the past 3 & ½ years.  Businesses have departed, and more will follow.

Do you all see where I am going with all this?

…For my children and my grandchildren, who cannot go anywhere in Minnesota now, and (feel) be safe any longer.

“One person can make a difference, and every person must try.” —John F. Kennedy 

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