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Who’s Afraid of Bradlee Dean?

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Published on: October 22, 2014

The opposition to Christ and His Church has always taken place throughout history, whether it was in the Old Testament or the New Testament. Today is no different. Bradlee Dean is one of those on the front lines occupying the ground that Christ has won for His people. As a result, he has come under attack from the militant sodomites, communists, socialists and yes, even the professed Church because of his stand in the public square against unrighteousness. He has also been the target of Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia, but the question is, why?

Following his conversion, Bradlee Dean took to the streets and the public indoctrination centers we call public schools and has sought to reach the younger generation for Christ, reminding them of the price paid for their freedoms in America and also in the spiritual realm. On the flip side of that is Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. He apparently earned his living early on by the trafficking pornography via a website called Bomis(dot)com.

When that was pointed out in a previous article in 2012 by Judith Reisman at WND, Wales whined about the fact that she pointed this little caveat of his past out and demanded a retraction. Instead of a retraction, WND’s Chelsea Schilling fully documented just how much money he made, who the models were he used on his porn site and all that he was involved in. This demonstrated that Wales was acting more like a child than a man with a serious bone to pick.

So what does this have to do with Bradlee Dean? According to Reisman, he was exposing just what has been going on regarding the homosexual agenda. First, she pointed to his article on Elena Kagan and how she would be appointed to the Supreme Court for the sole purpose of advancing the redefinition of marriage to include sodomites. She then referenced the following video which exposed the normalizing of sexual deviance via sodomite icon Alfred Kinsey published the Kinsey Reports.

Who’s Afraid of Bradlee Dean? ” title=” Who’s Afraid of Bradlee Dean? ” target=”_blank”>

Reisen continued with her evaluation of what Bradlee presented. She wrote:

In 1948, Kinsey’s book “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” was the treasonous sneak attack that set in motion the destruction of America’s hard-won, historic foundation of, well, yes, healthfully prudish multi-racial biblical sexual morality.

“For over 60 years, Dr. Alfred Kinsey has been praised and quoted as the expert on human sexuality,” intones Dean. Kinsey’s lies claiming the sexual promiscuity of American men (and later women) sent “shock waves” across our World War II-traumatized and exhausted generation and deliberately poisoned the growing “me generation’s” trust in their parents’ religious beliefs and Judeo-Christian sexual morality. This was the kill shot the Nazis couldn’t deliver, the toxin to gut our Judeo-Christian sexual worldview.

Dean says Kinsey’s mission was to remake America “in his image” to “undermine marriage and the family.” His real image was that of a draft-dodging, adulterous, homo/bisexual masturbation and pornography addict; a pederastic sadomasochist whose untimely death was directly linked to “orchitis,” his venereally infected and brutalized sex organs. Kinsey’s sexually deviant mission is being accomplished daily, and real “marriage” is now the key target.

Kinsey trained Western culture that sexual deviance was normal, based on the sexual “data” of prisoners, pimps, pederasts, pedophiles and homosexuals, reports Dean. Kinsey even counted 1,400 sex offenders as average Americans. The public “believed it and started to act on it.”

Dean’s video documents Kinsey’s use of “trained” male homosexuals to abuse “hundreds of children” – the youngest 2 months old – almost all little boys.

Though Kinsey portrayed himself a serious scientist, Bradlee Dean illustrated that he was nothing more than a “sexual psychopath” who “deceived America.” Dean also said that Kinsey is the “widely acknowledged father of the sexual revolution, the homosexual revolution and comprehensive sex education in our schools.”

Though Kinsey claimed that sex education would nearly end sexual diseases, while at the same time make a dramatic reduction in sex crimes and divorce, the reality is that it had the opposite effect.

As Dean states in the video, “Today one in four teenage girls has a sexual disease; one in six Americans has genital herpes, and HIV is epidemic for males who have sex with males.” 

The Kinsey Institute was born out of this degenerate man’s own philosophy and has received millions in taxpayer dollars to foist a lie upon America’s children with devastating results.

Sex education is even reaching down to the most innocent among us, kindergartners and middle-school children. Yet, parents, even Christian parents, think nothing of dropping their children off for eight hours a day at the local public indoctrination centers that undermine biblical values.

Reisen pointed out, “the federal Anti-Grooming Act states that ‘Pedophiles … gain the trust of children and of unsuspecting parents,’ and the FBI reports that child molesters the ‘lower sexual inhibitions … indicating that it is all right to have sex.’ They next use pictures to ‘demonstrate sex acts to children,’ showing them pornography, ‘how to masturbate, perform oral sex and/or engage in sexual intercourse.'”

So, who is afraid of Bradlee Dean? The founder of Wikipedia is afraid because he is exposing what his business does. The Education system is afraid because he exposes what they are teaching. The Kinsey Institute is afraid because he exposes their founder and how they are exploiting tax payer’s money against their children. The sodomite community is afraid because he pulls the mask off of their wicked agenda. Finally, and the saddest of all, the professed Church is afraid of Bradlee Dean because they don’t want to have to pick up their cross and follow Christ. They don’t want the responsibility of actually having to engage the fight in a similar manner to which David did when he dealt the death blow to Goliath while the professed Church coward in fear of the “uncircumcised Philistine” who mocked God and His armies.

More than being afraid of Bradlee Dean, the reality is that they are simply at war with God.

There is no excuse parents of America to continue to send your children to these hellish dungeons where Satan and his emissaries are demoralizing your children. You have been commanded by God to teach your own children in the ways of the Lord (Deuteronomy 6). Because you have abrogated that responsibility to the state, which his moved out from under their authority as God’s minister (Romans 13), you are sacrificing your children on the altar of Molech, or should I say Aphrodite, in order to remove your responsibility… but you are still responsible.

What can be done? According to Bradlee Dean, it’s time “for Americans to hold up the mirror of truth, expose the errors and lies, reverse the tide of perversions and lead our country back to God’s original plan for human sexuality.”

It’s also time for parents to take the lead not only in the education of their children, but to band together and call for a criminal investigation of the Kinsey Institute and an abolishment of the unconstitutional US Department of Education. If you have been asking, “What do we do?” you’ve just been given the answers.

For more information on the public school system and why we have gone off the rails as a nation, take the advice of WND Editor Joseph Farah, who has said, “If you want to see what’s wrong and right with our country, watch Bradlee Dean’s ‘My War’ DVD series. It’s full of surprises.”

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