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Why are Congressmen Signing Non-Disclosure Forms on Obama’s Secret Treaty?

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Published on: June 8, 2015

Obamatrade, better known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, is a trade deal that will ….; it’s a partnership between the US and Pacific rim nations that would allow …; Okay, does anyone really know exactly what Obamatrade, aka the TPP, is about? Not hardly, as this trade deal is a secret. It’s so secret that members of Congress must go to a classified reading room in the Capitol to even read it. After reading it, any notes they take on the deal are “confiscated” or are left in the room. Those who have been to this classified room to read it cannot discuss; and, it has been stated, most recently by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), that members of Congress are required “to sign a non-disclosure agreement” that assures no member who has read it will discuss it.

According to former Arkansas Governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, “Obamatrade is a secret deal that most members of Congress who support it admit they haven’t been to the secret room to read the secret deal.”

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This should come as no surprise to many Americans as the majority of Congress has followed the Pelosi mantra, “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it” when it comes to bills, agreements and deals. With regard to Obamatrade, Breitbart has identified three in Congress who support this deal but who have not read it: House Rule Committee Chairman Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX); House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA); and more than likely House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH). Potential 2016 presidential candidates who support Obamatrade are Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Cruz had admitted to reading the bill; therefore, one can assume he knows what’s in it. However, Rubio will neither confirm nor deny whether he has been to the secret room; instead, he gives the impression that he’ll vote for substantial legislation without reading it while seeking the presidential candidate nomination.

Everyone can sit around and debate about this Obamatrade deal all day long; but, no one knows what is in it. If you look at what Obama has had his hand in during his years in the Oval Office, one could almost bet and win big in Las Vegas that the trade deal would be disastrous for the United States. As we listen to each of these individuals talk about the “secret deal” that can only be read in the “secret room,” everyone seems to be ignoring the elephant in the room. That elephant is the signing of a “non-disclosure” statement amounting to a “gag” order and confiscation of notes or having to leave notes in the room.

Since when did Congress become employees of the President or the corporate federal government that would possibly warrant a “non-disclosure” statement? Why are members of Congress willingly forfeiting their rights to inform their constituents about agreements involving the US the House would have to fund with taxpayer dollars and the Senate would have to approve? Where in the Constitution does it say the Legislative branch is subservient to the Executive branch?

Any agreement, deal or bill that is that secret is a problem and signals a heavy one-sided arrangement where the US would lose in one way or another or in all ways.

The question that should be asked of all of these “representatives” is “why are you signing an agreement that basically gags you?” Let me guess – Obama won’t let you see it unless you agree to “zip your lip.” It appears the lights are on, but no one’s home.

If Obama won’t let members of Congress see it unless they give up the “right to inform their constituents” while asking for fast-track authority, each and every member of Congress should be replaced. Who is Obama to tell our elected officials what they can and cannot do? Is he their employer? What trade deal is so secret that a free people cannot know what their government is strapping on the back of the people?

The real question is what does Obama and his administration have on every member of Congress in order to coerce their compliance with a “gag” order? Make no mistake; it is some type of coercion, extortion or blackmail hanging over their heads that is getting these “representatives” to fast-track something they haven’t read and “hush up” those who have read it. No adult grown man or woman will ever get some of us to believe the excuse “we have no choice.” As it’s been said many times, “there’s always a choice; it may not be one you like, but there’s a choice.” All of this implies there are adult grown men and women in Congress.

Here’s another question many should be asking of members of Congress – Why are you keeping your agreement on non-disclosure when the man sitting in the Oval Office has over 1,063 examples of lying, criminal activity and treason?

As far as leaving the notes they take on the deal in the room, it makes one wonder if Obama has his “brown shirts” stationed at the doors searching our representatives and seizing their property?

This whole situation absolutely stinks – it reeks. That’s as eloquent a description as can be made. It all conjures up the image of a member of Congress entering in this little room, papers laid out on a table under one small lamp with the chair pushed out slightly to allow them room to maneuver into a sitting position. As they read, armed guards or secret service agents with concealed weapons wearing dark sunglasses are stationed at every exit with one near the lowly, single lamped table, watching diligently as these men read and take notes. Upon finishing, the member of Congress is asked for their notes, which they give, then walk toward the door only to be searched, patted down like a criminal, by the guard at the door.

Where exactly does the law of the land give Obama, or any president for that matter, that power? In searching the Constitution, nowhere does it state the President has power over the Congress or members of Congress.

If members of Congress can’t go in the secret room to read the secret deal without signing a non-disclosure, this should signal to each and every one of them to disallow fast-track authority and demand the contents of the agreement as it is ongoing being exposed, at the very least. The best option would be for Congress to totally vote against any completed trade deal negotiated by Obama and his administration. Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution of the united States of America declares, “[the president] shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; ….” (emphasis mine) The very best that could be done is drafting of Articles of Impeachment against the usurper.

Members of Congress, instead of honoring their oath and performing their duty, are now cowing to a president they treat more like a dictator than a man “presiding” over this nation. One wonders if each of them have signed some loyalty oath to Obama reminiscent of the oath Hitler had his “men” take. And, before everyone hits the ceiling as toes are being stepped on in regards to some in Congress who have good conservative, constitutional voting records, the question still must be asked, “Why are they not speaking up, informing the people of what they read and insisting they keep their property (their notes) in order to do so?” It’s obvious Obama has suspended the Fourth Amendment for members of Congress. What’s worse is members of Congress blindly going along.

Mike Huckabee, on his Facebook page, indicated that some of Obamatrade has been leaked to WikiLeaks. Someone is getting something out somewhere or maybe Obama is engaging in “selective” leaking of information. What has been leaked indicates Obama could “outsource vast chunks and control of our economy, especially the Internet, to foreign diplomats and regulators.” Why should Americans be combing through WikiLeaks for information related to a trade deal that should be coming to us, as taxpayers who will fund this deal, through our elected representatives?

Just this morning, Steven Ahle posted a piece on DC Clothesline outlining a few of the TPP details that could mean the end of US sovereignty along with a letter to Obama from Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions asking particularly, “provide me with the legal and constitutional basis for keeping this information from the public and explain why I cannot share the details of what I have read with the American people.” Obama didn’t answer the first letter from Sessions and, more than likely, won’t answer this one. As has been previously established, there is no constitutional reason for keeping this secret; Obama has no reason except for that’s what Obama wants. Session should just come right out and inform the people, as should all other members of Congress who have read this debacle. But, again, there’s the elephant in the room – signing a non-disclosure agreement in the first place and relinquishing Fourth Amendment guaranteed rights.

The room is getting awfully crowded with all the elephants and the floor is getting covered with more dung than full hip rubber boots can handle. It’s time these elephants were dealt with and cleared out. Take any issue with this administration and you’ll find an elephant in the room that’s allowed to languish.

Where is the “press” in asking these questions of Congress and Obama? Oh that’s right, they’re out buying peanuts to feed the elephants to create more dung, leaving the American public wading through it while trying to clear a path just to walk around in the room.

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