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Why Is America Cyber-Attacking Itself?

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Published on: July 11, 2015

As Providence would have it, your humble columnist has been gifted a rare glimpse into a cloistered dress rehearsal for the stage play that is intended to touch off World War III.

On July 9, FBI Director James Comey reported that the agency several stopped potential acts of terrorism in the month before the July 4 holiday. Comey said they suspect that some of the more than 10 individuals arrested during that time were planning to exploit the holiday by committing acts of terror, although he shared no details of the potential plots that were supposedly thwarted, nor information on the identity of any individuals the FBI arrested.

For reasons that will become apparent, I have very good reason to believe that Comey’s story is a complete fiction. If any arrests were made, they likely involved Islamist wannabe patsies whom the FBI had been instructed to entrap – something at which they have become particularly adept since one Barack Hussein Obama took office.

On July 8 at the New York Stock Exchange, as nervous investors were dealing with plunging Chinese stocks and the Greek debt crisis, the Exchange suddenly and inexplicably halted buying and selling of stocks for 3 ½ hours. They claimed it was a “technical issue,” which I suppose was technically accurate if misleading. This and other major disruptions that day (such as the one at United Continental that forced the airline to ground dozens of flights, and another at The Wall Street Journal) soon pointed to cyber-attacks, perhaps coordinated ones, as postulated by computer experts and conspiracy theorists alike.

In May of 2013, The New York Times reported that after a three month period of apparent inactivity, hackers working for China’s People’s Liberation Army had resumed their attacks on American interests. The Obama administration, which had been treating these attacks as the antics of joyriding teenagers, claimed that “naming and shaming” the groups in the press and via information gleaned from Pentagon investigations might result in China’s new leadership reining in the military’s elite cyber ninjas (I know; ninjas are Japanese), or “at least urge them to become more subtle,” according to the ‘Times.

As if cyber-attacks on the U.S. are acceptable as long as they’re not overt…

The attacks continued, with an outwardly weak response from the Obama administration following each. News organizations had varying cloak-and-dagger explanations for how these attacks – which some say now number in the thousands – were coming about, from a secret branch of the Chinese military, to the actions of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden (which really made little sense, since the attacks predated Snowden’s revelations).

Now, China does indeed have her own trained cyber warriors; however, this fact only more easily facilitated the Kabuki theater that is the warm-up act for our upcoming dark stage play.

In order to comprehend this at all, one has to realize – and not many of Obama’s detractors do – that his job has always been to part out the United States like the organs of a clinically-dead trauma patient with a donor card. Whether it was his 2009 “Apology Tour,” moving strategic nuclear weapons out of Eastern Europe, or the Trans-Pacific Partnership, so many have looked at the increasingly dismal aggregate of Obama’s policies and said with exasperation that he couldn’t have brought about more disadvantageous results for America if he tried.

Well, there’s a reason for that: He probably couldn’t have, because he was trying.

I simply don’t have the space (or quite honestly, the time or motivation) to reiterate here and now the entire body of my work on who Barack Hussein Obama really is and what his presidency is supposed to accomplish. I will say now that it is so diabolical, it remains outside the ability of most Americans to even conceptualize, let alone deal with it in practical terms if it comes to fruition.

In addition to having telegraphed weakness to our enemies abroad, in certain very significant cases, Obama and his Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett have essentially confided to said enemies that his job has always been to part out the United States like the organs of a clinically-dead trauma patient with a donor card.

Which I imagine might be pretty well-received if you were Russia, or say, China…

So we’ve seen the supposed evidence of Chinese hackers on our information infrastructure, and we’ve seen the recent military adventurousness of China, such as their building artificial islands in the South China Sea that put them closer and closer to effectively projecting themselves militarily against Japan, or South Korea, or even America.

We’ve also seen the scary chess game that appears to be going on between Obama, NATO, and Russian president Vladimir Putin over Ukraine (which is really more of a tête-à-tête between Obama and Putin). Then there’s the apparent ankle-grab and utter waste of jet fuel in which Obama has Secretary of State John Kerry engaged, ostensibly negotiating with the Islamic Republic of Iran over limiting their nuclear aspirations. Finally, we have Obama having trained, equipped, and funded the proto-human barbarians of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), who have turned the entire Middle East and parts of North Africa into a tinderbox.

It gets very confusing – because it’s supposed to be. It helps if one knows that it’s Kabuki theater – actors playing actors playing parts – and all quite diversionary.

Let’s switch gears for a moment and get back to the Chinese hackers…

There aren’t any.

Oh, there are hackers in China carrying out attacks on the U.S., but they’re operatives of closeted Muslim convert John Brennan’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). They’ve been utilizing a string of popular Internet cafés owned by none other than Mark Ndesandjo.

You know who he is, right?

Why, he’s one of Barack Hussein Obama II’s half-brothers. It’s only the Western press that calls him “Mark Obama Ndesandjo.”

Like the other half-brother of whom many know, Malik Obama (who bundles for the Muslim Brotherhood and whose nonprofit was personally fast-tracked by Lois Lerner while she was harassing conservative nonprofit groups), Barack’s relationship with Mark has never been reported as “close” – sort of like his non-relationship with unrepentant Weather Underground domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

But of course we know better.

I happen to know a fellow for whom Mark Ndesandjo used to work in China. Apparently, regular patrons of some of his Internet cafés were prevented from patronizing them by armed members of the Chinese military. Peering inside, all they could see was papered-off walls and signs of renovation.

Rather furtive renovation one would think, if they needed to drive patrons away at gunpoint…

So what’s the big picture? Well, you won’t be glad you asked…

We go now to an area of Obama’s comportment and policy that has puzzled, frustrated, and angered Americans and allies alike: The nation of Israel.

For decades, the U.S. and Israel have been the closest of allies. Enter Obama, and Israel becomes an instant pariah, while Arab Muslim nations are elevated to revered status. It’s no secret that Obama despises Israel and the Jewish people, nor is it difficult to understand given his extreme affinity for all things Islam (which no doubt gave rise to his blatant treason against the U.S. manifested in both his domestic and foreign policy). One could argue that Obama having catalyzed the Arab Spring and facilitated the rise of ISIS was his design to ensure Israel’s demise.

So how would Israel factor geopolitically into Obama’s end game vis-à-vis the takedown of America and the bizarre machinations involving China and Russia?

Obama knows as well as most that Israel is not likely to be taken down by ISIS, or Iran, or the entire Arab Muslim world attacking them at once. But they could be taken down by a much larger nation – like China or Russia.

And what might possess China or Russia to do such a dastardly deed?

Again, you won’t be glad you asked…

Like just about every other story, the American press has been reporting these “Chinese cyber-attacks” and China’s military excursions in precisely the manner Obama wants them to, despite the obvious disrespect he has shown the journalistic community.

What follows hasn’t been publicly discussed in the American press or by our government because if it had been, too many would have put two-and-two together and determined what Obama – and China and Russia – were up to.

Back in 2009 and 2010, Israel discovered what are now called the Tamar and Leviathan oil and gas fields, both within 100 miles of their coast. No one in the oil industry is yet sure just how much gas and oil is down there – but it’s a lot; anywhere from ten times the current reserves of the entire nation of Saudi Arabia, to exponentially more than that.

The key here is that these new reserves in Israel’s possession – Israel, the treaty partner of the U.S. – would render oil trade with Arab Muslim nations moot, as Israel could out-supply and undercut the price of oil, thus becoming America’s largest oil trading partner. The door could be shut on American money pouring into the coffers of the Islamists and then being used to bring down “The Great Satan” (America) and “the little Satan” (Israel), the Jewish and only democratic state in the region.

Without oil money, all the Arab Muslims have is sand, their fake god, and his perverted doctrine. From the geopolitical perspective, this is a check-mate to the current imbalance of power that Arab Muslim nations hold over America. Additionally, all of that economic power into the hands of Israel is an abomination in the minds of the Islamists who, if one recalls, were allied with Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich during World War II.

For Marxists, the “abomination” would be the “nouveau riche” Israel suddenly calling the shots for Russia and China given their massive oil needs and Israel’s ability to meet those needs. Russia’s oil needs are practically incalculable; China has no oil, no gas, and the poorest-quality coal in the world.

Suddenly, Russia’s military-industrial complex as well as China’s must scrape with bended knee to the new dominant partner with its hand on the oil lever – Israel.

Look at history and ponder this question: Do Russia and China sit by and allow the archetypal “hated, money-grubbing, conniving Jew” to dominate both of their economies, or do they capture the resources that they desperately need – particularly when they are being offered for the taking by the Manchurian president Obama? This is the setting in which wars take place, and with the clearly-telegraphed lack of American will to support Israel, the danger cannot be understated.

China’s “cyber-attacks” and military adventurism will escalate, as will Russia’s in Eastern Europe. Perhaps the Chinese navy sinks a Japanese ship or two. As Obama impotently rattles his sabre, full of faux indignation and claiming that America will not tolerate continued Chinese expansionism, China – which has military resources in the region already – moves against Israel. Russia does likewise on the pretext of protecting the interests of its partner Syria, against which the U.S. has been conspiring through arming the anti-Assad militias.

Now, it’s Israel against the entire Arab Muslim world, Russia, and China. How does that scenario play out, pray tell?

To paraphrase Jimi HendrixSee you in the next world… don’t be late.

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