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Why is My Bodyguard Not Protecting Me?

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Published on: July 21, 2015

I hired a bodyguard to protect my family, myself and my home. Well, actually I didn’t hire him – others got together and hired him for me.

He was younger and much less experienced than most in his profession, but he convinced them he could protect us better than any of the other bodyguards who applied for the job, so they gave him a try. What could go wrong, right?

My bodyguard vowed to do his job faithfully. He even said, “So help me, God,” which sealed the deal. He is paid a handsome salary. I pay for a beautiful home for him and his family to live in, and he has many other privileges and comforts.

Yes, I did get a little nervous when he ran up my tab allowing his wife and her crew to jet-set around the globe; and he played a great deal of golf instead of fulfilling his duties as my bodyguard, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

His job description: Lead my security team, look out for my interests and protect me from enemies near and far. With the massive budget I’ve contributed to, he has the most threatening weapons and the best-trained, most loyal forces anywhere.

But there’s a problem with my bodyguard. For the last six-and-a-half years, he’s taken my money with a big smile, but he’s been secretly working with people who wish to destroy my homeland and me.

When I or members of my family attempt to confront my bodyguard about this, he makes excuses, lies and continues to leave my family, my home and me wide open for my enemies to invade.

For example, I have intruders that keep breaking into my yard. They are strangers from far away who’ve come and committed crimes against those in my homeland. Some have raped and killed people. Concerned for the well being of my family and neighbors, I ordered my bodyguard to build a fence to keep the intruders out. He joked about my order, and the intruders are still coming in droves.

Frustrated by his lack of action, I asked my bodyguard to detain the intruders so law enforcement could send them back to where they came; instead, he released them into the community to prey on innocents.

To my dismay, I now realize that my bodyguard not only refuses to protect me; he’s defending my enemy and working to destroy me!

I also have a religious fanatic enemy from a distant land who wants to annihilate me, and my friends, too. My enemy won’t dare attack now, because my defenses are still tough, and my guards have superior weapons. Yet to my surprise, my bodyguard is supplying my foe with the means to eventually destroy me, and anyone around me. My bodyguard tries to convince me that my enemy seeks peace, while their actions and words say they loathe me as they prepare my destruction and that of my countrymen.

My bodyguard reminds me of a married man with a family who leaves his wife and kids and marries another woman with kids. The man takes care of his stepchildren and neglects his own family.

I’ve paid some watchdogs to keep an eye on my bodyguard to make sure he is doing his job. In fact, some new dogs were hired in November. They assured us they were tough, and got the job. (This hiring cycle is starting to sound familiar!) But the watchdogs have become my bodyguard’s lapdogs and have proven too weak to stop him.

So the very people who were hired to look out for my welfare are allowing my enemies to pillage and ruin me. I am left exposed and vulnerable to attacks from all sides.

My bodyguard refuses to cooperate with the authorities in my community who are there to protect and serve. He disparages them and sides with the criminals!

My bodyguard is even working to destroy my security team that I have placed under his watch. He’s tying their hands so they can’t vanquish my enemies, and is recruiting homosexuals and others who look like women but sound like men, which signals to my rivals that I am weak.

My bodyguard has hired his own crew, and is determined to make a deal with my enemy.

It is astonishing to see how my bodyguard has turned on me. I’m now waking up to the cold, hard reality that I’m actually paying my bodyguard to destroy me and the people I care about!

I’m beginning to ask, what’s wrong with my bodyguard? Why isn’t my bodyguard protecting me? Is my bodyguard maniacal? Is he on drugs? Is he just plain evil? Or is he my enemy?

I know others are waking up to that same awful reality. So we must ask ourselves this question: What are we going to do to stop our bodyguard from destroying us?

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