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Why Is The Mockingbird Media So Quiet About One Of The Greatest Environmental Catastrophes In US History?

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Published on: February 14, 2023

The mainstream media spends an enormous amount of time lecturing us about fake environmental issues, but now that one of the greatest environmental catastrophes in U.S. history has occurred they are being strangely quiet about it.  What we are witnessing in East Palestine, Ohio is so horrifying that it is truly difficult to put it into words.  One hazardous materials specialist is claiming that authorities “basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open”.  Unfortunately, that is not an exaggeration at all.  When they decided to conduct a “controlled burn” of vinyl chloride from some of the wrecked rail cars, they knew that it would “send phosgene and hydrogen chloride into the air”

About 50 cars, including 10 carrying hazardous materials, derailed in a fiery crash in East Palestine at about 9pm on Friday, February 3.

Houses were evacuated after vinyl chloride was slowly released from five of those cars. Authorities then ignited the gases for a ‘controlled release’ of the highly flammable, toxic chemicals in a controlled environment, creating a dark plume of smoke.

Officials warned the controlled burn would send phosgene and hydrogen chloride into the air. Phosgene is a highly toxic, colorless gas with a strong odor that can cause vomiting and breathing trouble and was used as a weapon in World War I.

Read that last sentence again.

Phosgene was literally used as a chemical weapon during World War I, and now countless people living in Ohio and Pennsylvania will be breathing it in for the foreseeable future.

In essence, we have unleashed a weapon of mass destruction on our own people.

It turns out that vinyl chloride has also been proven to cause “increased risk of liver cancer and other cancers”

Vinyl chloride is associated with increased risk of liver cancer and other cancers, according to the federal government’s National Cancer Institute.

The effect was studied in PVC pipe makers, who breathed in vinyl chloride and developed rare liver cancers, said Ruth Lunn, who studies carcinogens at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

So how many people are ultimately going to get cancer and die because of this disaster?

On top of everything else, we are now being told that “ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, ethylhexyl acrylate and isobutylene” were also being transported in some of the rail cars that derailed

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to Norfolk Southern stating that ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, ethylhexyl acrylate and isobutylene were also in the rail cars that were derailed, breached and/or on fire.

Caggiano says ethylhexyl acrylate is especially worrisome. He says it’s a carcinogen and contact with it can cause burning and irritation in the skin and eyes. Breathing it in can irritate the nose and throat and cause coughing and shortness of breath.

Nobody should be anywhere near this wreck.

But authorities are telling residents of East Palestine that it is perfectly safe to return to their homes and that there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

A massive cover up of epic proportions is in progress, and only a few brave leaders such as Marjorie Taylor Greene are speaking out about this…

Perhaps they think that because most of the people that live in East Palestine are poor they can get away with treating them like dirt.

And that may have worked in the past.

But now we live in the age of social media, and a lot of Americans want to make sure that this catastrophe will never be forgotten.

Because the truth is that these chemicals are going to be affecting the health of local residents for decades.

One hazardous materials specialist raised a lot of eyebrows when he said that authorities “basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open”

Sil Caggiano, a hazardous materials specialist and former fire department chief, said he was ‘surprised’ residents were allowed to return home so quickly before all of their homes were tested.

‘I would’ve far rather they did all the testing [first],’ he said. ‘There’s a lot of what ifs, and we’re going to be looking at this thing 5, 10, 15, 20 years down the line and wondering, ‘Gee, cancer clusters could pop up, you know, well water could go bad.’

He added: ‘We basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open.’

So many people are going to die because of this.

And it is being reported that large numbers of chickens and fish have already died after being exposed to the chemicals…

CBS Pittsburgh reported that hundreds of fish have turned up dead in Leslie Run, approximately five miles away from the site of the derailment. While the EPA has acknowledged that fish are dying, it stressed that well water remains safe to drink.

Amanda Breshears, who lives 10 miles away from East Palestine, said upon going to feed her hens and rooster days after the derailment, she found them all lifeless.

“My video camera footage shows my chickens were perfectly fine before they started this burn, and as soon as they started the burn, my chickens slowed down and they died,” she told WKBN. “If it can do this to chickens in one night, imagine what it’s going to do to us in 20 years.”

What a nightmare.

And this nightmare is not going to end any time soon.

Shockingly, a movie about this exact type of disaster in this exact area of Ohio was released late last year

Pretty crazy, eh?

Sometimes it feels like we are actually living in a movie.

As I keep telling people, we are now living in a time when we will be facing one major disaster after another.

Global events are starting to spin out of control, and there is so much chaos all around us.

Unfortunately, what we have been through so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

Article posted with permission from Michael Snyder

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