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Why Should Americans Never Agree to A Gun Registration Database? Take A Look At The British Gun Registration Hack For At Least One Answer

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Published on: September 14, 2021

Does the US Constitution forbid a gun registry?  Nothing specifically states a registry could not be put in place, but more importantly, nothing in Article I provides authority for Congress to enact law for such a measure and as such, since there can be no law written to mandate a registry, the Executive Branch is left with no enforcement of it.  Yet, a gun registry has been shown in many countries to be used by tyrants to target gun owners.  If they know who has the guns, and that is the point of a registry, then they can more easily target those with guns.  However, there are other concerns in today’s modern society such as black hat actors and cyber warriors, which have recently hacked the gun registry database in England and that pretty much puts every Englishman who owns a gun in danger.

The Register reports:

The names and home addresses of 111,000 British firearm owners have been dumped online as a Google Earth-compatible CSV file that pinpoints domestic homes as likely firearm storage locations – a worst-case scenario for victims of the breach.

As an exercise in amplifying a data theft to levels that endanger public safety, the latest evolution of the Guntrader database break-in is likely to become an infosec case study in how security breaches can become worse over time as stolen information is put to ever more intrusive uses.

Leaked online last week via an animal rights activist’s blog, the stolen reformatted Guntrader database was explicitly advertised as being importable into Google Earth so randomers could “contact as many [owners] as you can in your area and ask them if they are involved in shooting animals.”

Names, home addresses, postcodes, phone numbers, email addresses and IP addresses are included in the Google Drive-hosted CSV file – along with precise geographic coordinates for a large number of the 111,295 people listed in the breach.

The file was linked to from the activist’s blog, a clearnet site hosted in Iceland, and presents a severe risk not only to British firearm and shotgun certificate holders but also anyone who moved house to one of the addresses mentioned in the leak of the stolen database, which contains data up to five years old.

Firearms are attractive to criminals. Targeted robberies and burglaries to steal them, while unusual, are certainly not unknown. Police have previously issued warnings to the licensed firearms community emphasising personal safety after a spate of robberies targeting licensed firearms owners outside their homes and at rifle ranges; the Guntrader breach could lead to a spate of such crimes.

British policy on firearms ownership is that domestic homes that may contain a handful of firearms or shotguns are less likely to be targeted than the alternative of central armouries presenting a high-value target. Security measures are proportionately ramped up depending on the number and type of guns – but all firearms security begins with obscurity. This breach takes away that obscurity for about 20 per cent of the registered owners across the country.

Meanwhile in the US, we’ve been seeing a push for a gun registry for years, including on an international level.

Kerry Lied to The American People – National Gun Registration Is Part of the UN Small Arms Treaty

And treasonous Joe Biden wants to join up with that very unconstitutional treaty that the usurper Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah signed onto and from which President Donald Trump pulled out.

A gun registration is good for two kinds of people:  politicians and criminals.  Wait, make that one kind of people.

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