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Wi-Fried: The Top 10 Things To Know About Wireless Radiation (Video)

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Published on: April 4, 2022

It has been my contention that the rollout of 5G is the culprit in making a lot of people sick across the earth.  It seems every time we have put out new technology from radio to television to any of the generations of cell technology have brought in their wake various sicknesses, primarily flu symptoms.  Well, there’s lots that has been censored so that the people are made to be ignorant of the dangers of certain technologies.

In a short documentary called Wi-Fried, you’ll learn the top 10 things about wireless radiation with which you should familiarize yourself.

By the way, you can also purchase products to neutralize 5G, EMF and other radiation effects on your body at home and on the go.

Take a look.

On Saturday’s The Sons of Liberty, our nurse and nutritionist and I spoke about 5G, EMF and the disease they bring with them.  However, we also provided some tips not only with devices to neutralize the effects but also eating the right kinds of foods so that your immune system is in top condition to help you fight against those effects.

Remember, more than 2 years ago, weapons expert Mark Steele told us that 5g is actually a weapons system designed to kill.

Mark has also testified to this fact locally.

Also, consider that 5g in the US is up to 2.5 times more powerful than overseas!

In fact, the health hazards are such that doctors have called for an immediate stop of 5G and the latest info showed the connection between 5G and the new “vaccines” aka operating systems. On one hand the tech pollutes the environment via high levels of EMFs, on the other hand it generates a signal to the “vaccines”, and then the smart matter is triggered into high gear, those liquid magnets that you saw moving almost as having an intelligence of their own. In fact they are microbots programmed to form new pathways and always find a new structure, that is why people always move once they got the “vaccine”.

Clearly, it is dangerous, so much so that they put up warning signs around the 5G tower at a school.

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