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Will 2020 be ‘the Summer of Stupidity’?

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Published on: May 21, 2020

As I’ve managed to chronicle since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, certain circumstances have prompted a lot of people to reveal their true colors, as it were. Many of these revelations can be summed up in two words: Dangerous and stupid.

Not all of those who’ve displayed dangerous tendencies have evidenced stupidity, nor vice-versa, although some have exhibited both of these dubious qualities.

On the dangerous side, we have numerous newsworthy examples. Certainly, many who didn’t suspect that having uber-progressive governors in their states carried the potential for serious civil rights violations in the face of a crisis situation are now painfully aware of this. Prior to social distancing, a lot of us weren’t aware that so many of our neighbors were of the temperament that they might easily get fired up to burn some witches or turn local Jews in to the Gestapo—but there it is. Parents have actually been carried off in chains in front of their terrified young children for perceived transgressions in the area of social distancing.

In the realm of the stupid, there have been plentiful examples as well, such as those who’ve come to blows in public places over someone’s failure to don a mask, or standing too close in line at the grocery store.

Not all of the dangerous deportment and stupidity we’re witnessing has to do with COVID-19, although I daresay that the reality of the pandemic tends to shed a completely new light on things we might ordinarily find stupid and potentially dangerous.

I’ve long decried the stupidity of black Americans as regards issues of race, but in all fairness, this is largely due to their widespread indoctrination into liberal racialist orthodoxy over the last several decades. Still, such stupidity merits discussion, as it tends to perpetuate ignorance and hatred, which we can all do without.

This week, Stanford University professor Rose Salseda was “removed from the university’s website” after being accused of singing along to a song by the rap group N.W.A. If it offers an insight into the depth of stupidity into which we’re about to descend, the full name of the group N.W.A. actually includes the N-word, which should provide an idea of the general caliber of the group and, presumably, their fans.

The lyrics for which Salseda is being censured included the N-word, which is why she has come under fire. But here’s where the incongruity comes in.

According to press reports, Stanford student government leader and Black Studies major Kobe Hopkins condemned Salseda over her use of the term, complaining “Why do we have to put up with that kind of racial violence?”

It’s become clear in recent years that whites can no longer use the N-word even in context (as opposed to directing it toward someone as a slur) without those on the left losing their minds. Granted that this is ridiculous, infantile and about as snowflakey as it gets, but here’s the thing:

Professor Salseda is obviously Latina. Until this story broke, it was my understanding that Latinos and Latinas were considered “people of color” who were thereby entitled to all of the rights and privileges of those occupying the identity politics tent of the left. As a matter of fact, there are many Spanish-speaking people – such as some Cubans, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans – who are black. Many brown Spanish-speakers have just as much affinity for the rap subculture as English-speaking black youth, which would tend to explain Salseda chiming in with the N.W.A. track.

So, are the racialist elite students at Stanford now establishing that Latinos/Latinas are no longer “people of color” and no longer entitled to all of the rights and privileges of those occupying the identity politics tent of the left? Or have they just dialed-up their sensitivities, thereby deeming any affinity toward black culture as “cultural appropriation,” even by those once considered “people of color”? Will it now be acceptable to physically assault anyone who is not black for singing along to an N.W.A. song because they’re engaging in “racial violence” by doing so?

As we are all aware, the dreaded N-word gets a whole lot of play in rap music and, offensive though it may be, non-blacks have been admonished to tolerate it because to do otherwise would be an attempt to deprive young blacks of their culture – which would be racist, of course.

However, as I’ve pointed out numerous times (including in one of my first columns for WND), hypersensitive politically correct sentiments, black culture and the rap movement itself have all been defined by white leftists. How convenient it is, then, that this convention encourages blacks to debase themselves through use of the N-word, moral ambivalence and self-destructive behaviors all day long, yet we’re told by the same white leftists that they should be allowed to wallow in this fetid mire because it is their birthright.

If the reader hasn’t yet figured it out, this represents an object lesson in how stupid and dangerous this far left racialist orthodoxy actually is. At this point, anyone who abides it for fear of being labeled a racist – which is what leftists bank on – has made himself part of the problem.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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