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Will Biden Say The Word “Fentanyl” During His State Of The Union Address?

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Published on: February 7, 2023

Joe Biden is delivering his State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Since he rarely answers questions from the media and depends on an incompetent press secretary to deflect questions from the press, it will be interesting to count how many times he says the word “fentanyl.” Will open borders and the fentanyl crisis killing in record numbers be acknowledged, or will this address be further material for Saturday Night Live?

I questioned elected officials as to the open borders allowing 5 million plus illegal migrants to flood our country – and the fentanyl killing a generation of our family members in the hundreds of thousands. Why was the POTUS ignoring this out of control crisis?

I received the below from WV State Senator Mike Stuart after I posted the above on social media:

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Senator Mike Stuart to – Marianne Perez

I am hearing he will say the word and that he will point to “recovery coaches” in the audience. Recovery coaches for fentanyl are like watching a spy balloon crossing the nation and doing nothing.  For fentanyl, there is one answer- use military force to destroy the cartels. Kill every last one of them.

Senator Mike Stuart from – Marianne Perez

The flood gates are open and he ignored the cartels for too long. Take some time to look into the recovery industry. This crisis is beyond recovery coaches.

I was happy to read that Senator Stuart realizes fentanyl and recovery coaches should not be used in the same sentence. There are a flood of on-line classes promising recovery coach certification with as little as six hours of on-line talk training – for a fee.

Since Drug Policy Alliance and The Clinton Foundation are heavily financed by George Soros and his Open Society, I am curious as to who the POTUS may introduce as “recovery coaches” during his speech. Both organizations support the harm reduction agenda in treatment of drug/fentanyl addiction. Under the umbrella of harm reduction are “safe injection sites” where addicts can continue poisoning themselves with illegal drugs in a “controlled environment.” The harm reduction proponents have substituted the words “safe injection sites” to “safe consumption sites” to make it appear more politically acceptable.

Recently a spokesperson for harm reduction and supported by Drug Policy Alliance and The Clinton Foundation had a photo op with Bill Clinton. He took time out from touring the U.S. in a million-dollar recreational vehicle promoting one of his many recovery ventures to possibly be positioned for introduction at the State of the Union Address.

If the George Soros agenda, as well as recovery coaches, are going to be introduced by the POTUS during his address, they may very well be pictured as shown in this article – and fentanyl deaths will continue to soar.

What does it take to not allow evil to prevail and to stop dancing with the devil when it comes to fentanyl?

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