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Will Black Folks Let Themselves be Used Again?

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Published on: October 30, 2014

Yes, Barack Obama and the Democrats are shamelessly using black Americans once again.

The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows that Obama’s approval rating among blacks is still a generous 82 percent. The black voter turnout often drops for midterm elections, and Democrats are frightened their base may not show up.

So what are Obama and the Democrats doing to turn out the black vote? They’ve gone into their bag of tricks – exploiting racial tensions to scare brainwashed blacks to the polls.

Here’s the proof:

Despite the latest autopsy report – which shows that Michael Brown was not shot with his hands up (as initially reported) and that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson likely acted in self-defense when he shot the thug – the Democratic Party of Georgia is distributing a flyer that shows two young, black children holding signs that say, “Don’t Shoot.” The flyer reads: “If You Want To Prevent Another Ferguson In Their Future … VOTE.”

I say if you’re a thug running toward the cops with your “hands up,” don’t vote! And if you’re an illegal alien, definitely don’t vote!

Other shameful ads being run by Democrats to scare up black votes include:

  • A DNC ad that reads “GET HIS BACK,” is running in black newspapers in battleground states: “Republicans have made it clear that they want our president – Barack Obama – to fail. If you don’t vote this November 4, they win.”
  •  Black residents in North Carolina have received flyers that show a lynching scene, with the words: “Kay Hagan doesn’t win! Obama’s impeachment will begin! Vote in 2014.”
  • In Maryland, where Democrat Anthony Brown is running to become the state’s first black governor, the state Democratic Party has circulated a flyer accusing Republicans of placing “road blocks” against civil rights. The ad shows images of a civil-rights march, a “colored waiting room” sign, and a photo of Donald Trump alongside the words: “Where’s the birth certificate?
  • In Kentucky, Democratic Senate candidate Alison Grimes is running an ad on black radio that claims she is a “champion” for civil rights. The ad goes on to say that Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell and the Republicans “are trying to take away our right to vote.”

These disgraceful ads are playing black folks for fools!

Since most Democratic candidates don’t want to be associated with Obama’s abysmal record, he’s been doing appearances on black media targeting black voters. He recently appeared in Philadelphia and Maryland. Despite his awful record of helping blacks, he even had the nerve to show up in the black-on-black war zone, Chicago.

Black America – besides shamelessly using you for votes – what have Barack and the Democratic Party done for you?

The Obamas are doing quite well. According to the government watchdog group Judicial Watch, the first family has spent $44 million in taxpayer money on travel and vacations. They have also reportedly bought a $4.25 million home in California, and they plan to live very comfortably.

But the same cannot be said for most of the country – especially black Americans.

Blacks voted for Obama twice because of his race. Obama promised to improve their economic conditions, but every economic indicator shows blacks are worse off under him. Black wealth has fallen further under Obama than under any president since the Great Depression. Black poverty has increased. Black unemployment is almost 12 percent, and unemployment for blacks aged 16 to 19 is a staggering 36.8 percent!

Things are so bad in Detroit that the city had to shut off water for thousands of residents. Liberal groups are blaming “racism” and want the U.N. to provide free water. Democrats have mismanaged the city so badly that they need the worthless U.N. to come to their aid!

As if things weren’t bad enough for blacks, Obama and the Democrats are hard at work cultivating their replacement. Due to the high rate of abortions, breakdown of the family and black-on-black murders, the black voting population is declining. Therefore, Democrats are working feverishly to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

According to reports, the Obama administration appears to be planning to issue 34 million work visas to illegal aliens.

The façade that Obama and the Democrats care about blacks is crumbling. During Obama’s recent appearances, the reception has been a bit chilly.

In Maryland, blacks walked out on Obama while he was giving a speech telling people to “get out and vote.” While Obama voted in Chicago, a black man needled him, prompting the president to act like a bigger jackass than Kanye West.

Democrats and this president treat blacks like modern-day slaves – handing them off from one liberal Democrat to the next. Once the election is over, they’ll be ignored until 2016 when they’ll be called on to vote for Hillary “I don’t feel noways tired” Clinton.

Is the average black person so blind that they’ll allow themselves to be duped once again? Likely so, but their continued blind loyalty to color and to the Democratic Party is tragically hastening their own demise.


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