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Williamson Backs Bernie – Calls It Political Revolution But Revolutions Are Not Always In The Best Interest Of Citizens

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Published on: February 24, 2020

Are the individuals who take up space by occupying elected office and those “working” in departments and agencies considered to be the “federal government” incompetent, negligent, unscrupulous, inept, criminals, traitors or all the above?  It’s a difficult question to answer, but one Americans need to address then work accordingly to remedy.  To have any one of these traits would be cause for removal from office or the position in government held.  If the individual was found to be a criminal or traitor, the individual, in addition to being removed from office, should be charged, tried, and punished to the fullest extent of the law if found guilty.  But, holding more than one and depending on the combination, would signify those individuals as enemies of Americans, our current form of government, and deserving of death, particularly when dealing with treason or criminal actions while in office that contributed to or caused the death of innocent Americans.

It should be troubling to citizens to hear someone like former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson proclaim that Bernie Sanders (Communist-VT) is “leading the political revolution”.  Williamson claimed the reason Sanders is surging can be contributed to “blowback” from what she calls “capitalism without conscience” and “corporate elites”.   Her full “tweet” is available on Twitter.

When talking about “political revolutions”, one’s mind wanders back through history to the Russian Bolshevik revolution that resulted in the installment of the Communist Party headed by Lenin, then Stalin, which produced an oppressive, intolerable, murderous, starvation-producing, political imprisonment totalitarian regime that still lingers along the fringe despite the toppling of the USSR in the late 80s.  One could go back to the installment of the Communist Party in China headed by Mao Tse Tung, that persists today, although whitewashed by many to justify “trade” with the oppressive, broad spying, mentally, emotionally, and physically manipulating totalitarian regime now under Xi Jinping.  Under Mao, the murder by starvation of millions of Chinese citizens was incomprehensible.  The State-owned everything, even the forks and spoons sitting in citizens’ households.  Who can forget Pol Pot of Cambodia?  His inspiration for his oppressive regime was Mao Tse Tung, but Pol Pot wanted a more extreme agrarian utopia.  Remnants of the “old society” were unscrupulously murdered.  There are plenty of others.

So, when hearing the words “political revolution”, Americans should take great heed and pause.  Many may say, “Now, Suzanne, you are just being a bit on the nit-picky side because there is no way that Marianne Williamson actually meant a ‘political revolution’.  She’s just making a sensationalist statement for effect.”  To which the reply is, “Are you so sure about that?  Would you be willing to bet your life, your family’s life or your children’s life on that?”

There is no doubt that what is happening in our government now is troubling and problem some.  But, it isn’t our form of government that is the problem – it is those that have been elected to government that is the problem and those who serve in federal positions as well.  And, it is the result of the lack of due diligence by the citizens of this nation established under the divine providence of God, going back to over 150 years, that resulted in the runaway bloated government of today.   What happened over 150 years ago?  It was the War to Enslave the States at the direction of President Abraham Lincoln, where southern States were placed under martial law upon losing, enduring plenty of hardships and tyranny by their northern citizen neighbors.  So, even going back in our own history, the deleterious character of men to inflict hardship upon populations in differing regions based upon political conflict or ideology is evident.

When talking about the War to Enslave the States, the southern States were not trying to abolish the government the Constitution established.  They were seeking to leave the cooperative known as the “united States of America” to create their own government on the same continent that would be more agreeable to the people.  It is the right enshrined in the Declaration of Independence to form a new government that would secure the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness better, the southern States invoked.  But, I digress.

This runaway bloated federal government gave rise to neutered State and local governments who do the bidding of the federal government in exchange for money.  Some of these State and local elected officials and those serving in State and local government positions may believe that their actions are somehow in the “best interest” of the people, but they are basing those actions on their “personal feelings and beliefs”, not unlike the brutal dictators of the 20th century, instead of basing their actions upon the law – the Constitution of the united States of America, which governs the entire nation.  It is not man, nor a group of men, or a region that governs this nation.  It is the Constitution, but the Constitution requires citizens to enforce it since we, as citizens of the various States, created the government we now have.

Be reminded of history.  There has only been one political revolution that has resulted in a nation of free people.  That was the American Revolution.  All others have resulted in despotism, tyranny and great suffering of the people, who then lacked the courage and fortitude to change their station.  Why?  Those who possessed those qualities were eliminated through murder, either directly or indirectly, by the very government that attained power.

When anyone utters the words “political revolution”, it should begin a long, critical thinking process beginning with one question, “Who exactly wants this ‘revolution’” followed by “Why do they want it”?  Usually one follows the money, but one also has to follow the indoctrination.

Somewhere along the way, our economical system of capitalism has become the boogeyman.  But, what has become troubling in capitalism is the “wealthy” individuals who spent untold amount of money to tilt business in their favor.  They did this through using the government, the officials elected to Congress, State legislatures and assemblies, and local counties and municipalities to alter a “free market” system to become one of cronyism, monopolization, and conglomerate-dominated industries.  And, those involved in government discovered they could pad their nests by aligning with these money magnates.

No one in government becomes a millionaire, multi-millionaire or billionaire on a government salary.

So, for all these easily swayed, non-critical thinking American citizens, the blame is our form of government and our economical system of capitalism that is at fault, instead of the ones elected to government, who perverted the system, and those working in government departments and agencies that do the bidding of the electorate that are the real problem.

Williamson blamed “capitalism without conscience”, whatever that means, and “corporate elites” for the ills of this nation.  Isn’t she as much of the problem, along with Bernie and gang, as anyone else?  They have perpetuated a problem that began long ago.  The citizens have perpetuated a problem that began long ago.  The issue now is that no elected official is willing to change it because it would affect their money train.  And, citizens have become lackadaisical to everything but doing their own thing to stop long enough to begin a concerted effort to stop it.  Too many citizens are stuck in the paradigm that has been mentioned ad nauseum one would think it would sink in by now.  Others are convinced through indoctrination that another form of government would be better and “safer”, avoiding the realization that other forms of government are not safer, better or without risk.  In fact, history has shown that other forms of government are rife with abuse, exploitation, despotism, tyranny, and infliction of harm against citizens – those who support it as well as those who defy it.

Americans have to ask, “who empowered the corporate elite and the wealthy to initiate a ‘takeover’ of economy and creation of laws that work against the citizens”?

Is there anyone anywhere who absolutely believes that anything will change as far as Williamson’s “capitalism without conscience” or empowered “corporate elites” if Bernie, some other Communist/Socialist/Marxist or “political elitist” is elected?  If you do, please enlighten the rest of us then come view the beautiful ocean-front villa I have for sale, at a reasonable price, in Kansas.

This is all very simplistic, of course.  However, Americans are not learning from history because they don’t know history.  They are not learning who has their best interest at heart.  Hint:  it isn’t any elected official, corporate entity, corporate elite, the wealthy, or any employee of any level of government.  Hopefully, Americans will wake up and smell the tyranny and despotism before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, there is little hope for that as movements abound across this great land for an Article V Convention that will do nothing but send us deeper down the mineshaft since the USMCA has been signed and ratified by the Senate.  There is not one man who can save this nation.  Many, individual and groups, have sold this country and its citizens south.  Neither is there any unconstitutional party or “movement” that can do it.  All the parties have done it, are continuing to do it, and will do it in the future.  The only ones who can save this nation are the citizens who hold to its founding principles, relying on the Grace of God kneeled in humble repentance for our folly and sin, while enlightening others to abandon their belief that some other form of government or ideological espousing establishment or anti-establishment individual can deliver a better alternative when those same individuals are part of the problem.

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