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Wisconsin School that Once Said Conservatism Means “Restricting Personal Freedom” Now Wants Students to “Pretend You’re a Muslim”

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Published on: April 16, 2015

When you say that you believe there is something wrong with American public schools, you usually get a sideways look. This is usually the least you will receive. The problem is that most people are or have someone they know who is involved in said schools. But, the proof is in the pudding as they say. Even with the slide in test scores and the rapid violence, many deny any form of indoctrination is going on in schools. Well, it seems this fact is going to get harder to deny thanks to the email to students recently sent out by a Wisconsin teacher.

EAG News reports:

Pretend you’re a Muslim. That’s what a 10th grade World History writing assignment asks students to do at a Wisconsin high school.

WISN talk radio host Vicki McKenna posted Union Grove High School teacher Beth Urban’s email for a five-paragraph essay on Twitter.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

So what this means is, these students had an assignment in which they were to pretend to be Muslim. Maybe she meant imagine. But the whole thing seems a little weird even with that. It would be different if Mrs. Urban would have assigned an essay on being Muslim. The wording is what I struggle with. Why do they have to pretend to be Muslim?

Fox’s Todd Starnes tells us:

This is the same school that once told kids that conservatism meant restricting personal freedoms.

So this is a liberal run school. But does that mean that there is a malicious intent involved here? Crazy does not mean conspiracy, does it? Well, maybe not, but there seems to be more to this whole thing than we might first think.

Starnes says,

For quite some time, I have been exposing the Islamafication of American public schools. The Muslim faith has been given accommodation while the Christian faith has been marginalized.

As I wrote in my book, God Less America, Islamic advocates are waging what they call a stealth jihad in our school system. And if left unchecked, they will be successful in undermining the Judeo Christian values upon which our great country was founded.

We do not have to take Starnes’ word for it; we can think for ourselves. We have to recognize that at least at the university level, there is a move toward Islamic sympathy. More and more of these universities have Muslim and even pro-terrorist clubs. So when we see the actual assignment, we should recognize that this is not innocent.

EGA News supplies the email:

–Pretend you are:

  1. Muslim male/female in U.S.
  2. Give 3 examples of what you do daily for your religion and any struggles you face.
  3. Again, 5 paragraphs (intro, 3 body paragraphs, closing.)

**Keep in mind we’ve been doing work and watching documentaries that have the facts needed to write the essay.

Recognize that this is asking these students to think like and empathize with the U.S. Muslim. Feel their struggle, identify with their lives. What does this accomplish? It makes these students sympathetic to the Islamic viewpoint, and more likely to be receptive to their arguments. It causes the student to be receptive to the Islamic lifestyle and beliefs.

This is the first steps in indoctrination. The issue for me is not whether or not these children were asked to pretend they were any other religion. I do not care that they are asked to study a religion and know certain facts. Yet, their assignment causes these student to feel as though there are prejudice actions being taken against Muslims in America.

As I have reported, the left has to have a cause; that cause now is the Muslim. But this cause is going to turn and destroy this country and the left if this kind of silliness is not checked, and soon.

As for the writers of the curriculum, I wish their teacher would have given them a similar assignment, “Pretend you have a brain.”


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