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Woman Attempts to Bomb Christians outside Planned Parenthood in Texas

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Published on: March 26, 2015

It is becoming increasingly apparent that things in America have and continue to change. There was a time when it would have been unheard of that protests or prayer would elicit a violent response. It seems that this is no longer the case. For the second time, I have to report that anti-murder activists have been attacked as they sought to end the practice of abortion.

Christian News has reported:

A Texas woman was arrested Monday night after she allegedly threw a homemade Molotov bomb at a group of pro-lifers praying outside of a Planned Parenthood facility in Austin.

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That’s right. A Texas woman drove by and tossed out a Molotov Cocktail. She threw the bomb at a group of people praying for the unborn. There is no doubt that this violence was a reaction to the people seeking to end abortion. Though there has been no reported motive, it seems to be clear.

Melanie Toney, 52, was taken into custody after witnesses to the incident were able to write down part of her license plate number and call police. She now faces charges of aggravated assault.

Ms. Toney seems to have had a problem with the Christian presence at the Planned Parenthood facilities.

The Daily Surge reports:

Volunteers from the coalition have been praying outside the Planned Parenthood facility 12 hours a day, seven days a week — in one hour shifts — for more than 30 days, and will continue through day 40 on Sunday. They’re taking part in an international prayer vigil called 40 Days for Life.

In any case, there is something that Christians can learn from such acts. The enemy is scared of you and your prayers.

Remember, these three women were not shouting at people. They were not holding signs. They were not threatening God’s judgment. No, the thing that elicited this violent reaction was the prayer of God’s people.

There is something powerful when God’s people pray. God is absolutely sovereign, but He moves to act on behalf of His people when they call upon Him. The enemy knows that there is more accomplished in the prayer of God’s people than anything else. We must pray and work. Nothing happens if we do nothing, but God makes us successful if we cover all action with prayer.

We often need to remember the actions of Nehemiah as he faced the enemy. Nehemiah 4:9 reads:

But we prayed to our God, and because of them we set up a guard against them day and night.

Nehemiah, the man of God knew that he had to act, but he also knew that there was no chance of success against the enemy, unless he prayed. We often do one and leave off the other. Yes, there are actions that need to be taken, but Christian, you must first call on God to grant you success. Do not forget that He has told you that you can do nothing without Him.

Never think that God grants success without acting. Once you have bathed the situation in petition and thanksgiving, get up and go to work. The enemy is given to us if we will call on God and face him. May God grant these women and His Church the courage needed to face and defeat our enemy and His.


Editor’s Note: This current administration supports the murder of the unborn and calls Evangelical Christians a potential terror threat. And the leader of the Republicans in the House is no better as he had pro-lifers arrested rather than hear their pleas for the unborn. Will you be the next in line to take the stand that is needed and see the victory God has for you on behalf of others for His name’s sake?

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