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Women’s March Leader Tamika Mallory: “It Does Not Make Sense For Me To Throw Away… The Nation Of Islam”

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Published on: January 17, 2019

It seems that almost every day, the Women’s March is being canceled in cities all across America, and a large part has to do with their ties to the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan and blatant anti-Semitism.  However, this has not deterred those in leadership from sticking to their hateful guns and support for both Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.  Tamika Mallory won’t distance herself from the Nation of Islam because of “how much good it does.”

Of course, the Women’s March has tried to save face.  As Daniel Greenfield has written, they have “ragged out some Jewish (and some Jewface wearing) human shields.”

Mallory has continued to refuse to reject Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam to the point that she continues to defend both saying, “Look how much good the NOI does.”

My goodness, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison basically said the same thing in his support of Farrakhan.

Of course, if this were another organization that promoted the hate and even murder of those of a different ethnicity, everyone would roll their eyes and look at anyone espousing the same thing as completely uncredible.

And what is it that Mallory finds so appealing, so “good” about the Nation of Islam?

I often work with young black men in prisons. In this space I find myself working closely with people who have many attitudes, beliefs, and ideas that I disagree with, but the black experience is varied and I have to be open to all of it. To be effective when organizing people who have been discarded by society it does not make sense for me to throw away an organization—like the Nation of Islam—that has been very effective at reaching the hearts and minds of young black men to turning them away from violence.

Other people are obsessed with my relationship with Minister Farrakhan. I am obsessed with empowerment in the black community.

Greenfield comments:

So is Farrakhan.

I’m not sure Malcolm X would agree on how effective the NOI is at turning young men “away from violence”. And Calypso Louie keeps fantasizing about a violent civil war.

But Tamika Mallory plays on black stereotypes to defend a violent hate group. She portrays the NOI as turning young men away from violence. Which, in a sense, it does. Farrakhan doesn’t like gang violence. He wants to see another kind of violence.

“Here come the Jews. They don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man.”

The real question is how long can black nationalists get away with playing this Farrakhan game?

I say, if you want to continue to support such efforts, then you must be willing to receive the consequences.  Additionally, you have no foundation to complain about who and what you are engaging in.

Mallory is a prime example of someone who attacks and then stands back and plays the victim.  This is what she is doing.  The problem is that America, in large part, knows what Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam stand for and it all no good.

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