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You won’t believe How Canada’s Justin Trudeau plans to Handle Islamic Jihadists

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Published on: April 19, 2016

While worshipping with anti-Christ Muslims, Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plans to welcome at least 100,000 Syrian Muslims, who pose as refugees, into his country. This is in addition to the 25,000 he has already admitted. However, his plan for dealing with Islamic jihadists is not so much a plan to deal with Islamic jihadists as it is a plan to crack down on those who expose the lies of Islam and jihad.

There have been rumors floating about that Trudeau is a convert to the anti-Christ totalitarian ideology of Islam. However, he was recently asked, though he has set up a counter-terrorist office (which, like our own government is scrubbing any reference to Islam and jihad in favor of labeling law abiding patriots as terrorists), if he thought the issue needed to be addressed on a global scale.

Here’s the Canadian Prime Minister’s response:

This is a man that has engaged in the worship of Allah, whom this writer believes to be none other than Satan. He has worn the traditional Islamic garb in that worship. And before I hear professed “Christians’ bash me over that, I ask, would Daniel have engaged in this? Would Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego have engaged in this? Would the Lord Jesus or His apostles have engaged in this? Not only no, but hell no, they would not have engaged in this idolatry! And shame on anyone who thinks otherwise!

Trudeau either ignores or willfully covers for Islamic jihad, calling it “radicalization,” and links it to poverty, in a similar manner to Obama’s former State Dept. spokesperson Marie Harf, who claimed that those engaged in jihad with the Islamic State just needed jobs.

The reality is that Islamic jihad is the true face of Islam. It is not radicalization. It is true conversion to Islam. Waldi Phares, who grew up in Lebanon, affirms this truth in his book Future Jihad, which the Bush administration chose to ignore for political expediency.

Notice in Trudeau’s statements that he is openly acknowledging engaging in propaganda by “putting forth a narrative” to counter the “narrative,” a narrative that I suggest has a 1,400 year track record that was spawned by a demon possessed pedophile murderer and thief.

So, Trudeau’s plan is to propagandize his people against Islam, while welcoming in tens of thousands of people that hold to the teachings of Islam. Sounds like a plan. Canada, brace yourselves. You’re about to be Islamafied!

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