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Work Force Training – The German model in our schools?

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Published on: September 8, 2014

Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom. – John Adams, Defense of the Constitution, 1787

For decades American parents have depended on the government to educate our children. Our founding fathers never gave any authority to educate to the federal government, but since the passage of the Early and Secondary Education Act of 1965 the federal government has influenced what is taught in all our public schools. So, it should be no surprise that so many of today’s citizens have been educated into a mindset of government superiority.

Today’s public schools are no longer teaching the classical curriculum that those of us age 50 plus experienced when we were in school. The stated focus is to prepare our children for careers. But, not the career the student chooses to pursue but rather the career the government decides they need filled to meet the needs of the corporations. So, there is no more innovation to create NEW jobs. No more Ben Franklins, Fords, or Einsteins. No more entrepreneurs will be coming out of our school system equal to those of the past that made our nation great. The majority of American workers will be button pushers in factories while just a small minority of elites will be allowed a higher quality education.

Most don’t know that School-to-Work (STW) legislation was passed under President Bill Clinton. So for the past two decades, STW has been replacing a true education establishing career pathways to be chosen for our children by the government based on their Common Core aligned assessments. 

In 2012, many states passed legislation to mandate a career pathway be assigned to every public school child starting in kindergarten!  Here is a link to Georgia’s legislation. Check out your state for similar legislation that trickles down from the powerful influences of corporations.

Dumbing down children to train workers for industry? This WAS Hitler’s model of education.  

During a recent state school superintendent debate in Georgia, one of the candidates explains his vision of implementing German’s model of workforce training. Watch the video below to understand that many of those in charge of our children’s education share a similar appreciation of this model of education. This is Common Core.

Mike Buck saying we are getting Common Core from Germany. Kitty Werthmann, confirming it is what Hitler established. from Wonderland on Vimeo.

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