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World Government Summit Suggests Crisis Events Are A Useful Path To Globalism

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Published on: February 18, 2023

We really need to work together as a people to come together and eliminate these criminals who are clearly advocating for the majority of the population of the world to either be murdered or enslaved.  Until we are ready to bring them to justice, they will continue to be emboldened by a lack of justice.

Tyler Durden has the latest from the World Government Summit, in which they are suggesting crisis events, which they no doubt will manufacture, as a means to bring about globalism.

One of the premier conferences on global centralization behind Davos is the annual World Government Summit in Dubai; a place where establishment elites get to speak aloud on agendas which they used to keep highly secret only a decade ago.  The 2023 conference is providing a flurry of revealing speeches, including a talk by Ian Bremmer, President and Founder of Eurasia Group.  The organization is a “political risk consultancy” that views global governance as the solution to a majority of the world’s problems.

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The following clip of Bremmer’s speech is yet another example of a globalist saying the quiet part out loud – They view crisis events as useful for furthering centralization, and Bremmer includes the covid pandemic in his list of valuable disasters.  Why?  He does not elaborate, but it is likely because disasters cause public fear, and fear is easy to exploit.  While Bremmer seems to admonish increased “protectionism” and nationalism in recent years, it is clear that he views national tensions as a valuable tool for the eventual end game: Global government.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Free your mind. Realize what’s been done to humanity for millennia under the guise of democracy. Government is always slavery. There is not stopping the human race once we figure this out, and the elitists know it.

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