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World Health Organization Declares Polio Eradicated In Africa While Polio Epidemic Grips Africa Since 2019

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Published on: September 5, 2020

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been totally discredited for quite some time now; but, its recent intentional misleading of CON-VID-19 deaths should be the icing on the cake. Likewise, the World Health Organization (WHO), particularly its Director-General, lost credibility and integrity some time ago. But, US health departments and medical professionals continue to cite both organizations when it comes to CON-VID-19 recommendations (that change more than some people’s underwear), other health information, and VACCINES.

Recently, the Sons of Liberty Media covered the lawsuit against Merck pharmaceutical company due to the deceit surrounding its Gardasil vaccine. Readers were provided a parallel between Gardasil and the upcoming vaccine for CON-VID-19. Moreover, readers were treated to information from the National Institute of Health and the WHO indicating that what was being called “CON-VID-19” was actually human genome number 8: primary assembly, which was provided in the video produced by Yum Naturals Emporium. If there is any doubt about the intention of the WHO, a part of the United Nations, the disclosure that its own oral Polio vaccine caused an outbreak of Polio in Africa should remove any and all doubt.

According to Great Game India:

A week after World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that its decade-long vaccination campaign in Africa was successful, its own oral vaccine itself has sparked a new Polio outbreak in the continent. The outbreak has been caused by mutation of strain in vaccine.

A new polio outbreak in Sudan has been linked to the oral polio vaccine that uses a weakened form of the virus.

News of the outbreak comes a week after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that wild polio had been eradicated in Africa.

The WHO linked the cases to a strain of the virus that had been noted circulating in Chad last year and warned that the risk of spread to other parts of the Horn of Africa was high.

In a statement on the new cases, the WHO said two children in Sudan, one from South Darfur state and the other from Gadarif state, close to the border with Ethiopia and Eritrea, were paralysed in March and April. Both had been recently vaccinated against polio.

The United Nations official Twitter account published a statement directed at Antonio Guterres on August 29, 2020 with the hashtag #VaccinesWork, “Africa has been declared free of polio. This historic milestone fills me with hope and optimism. We can achieve so much when we work as a community.”

While the UN was busy perpetuating a lie, the WHO indicated the initial outbreak investigation linked the two recent cases to a “continuing vaccine-derived outbreak in Chad” detected last year and “is now spreading in Chad and Cameroon.”

If there is a polio outbreak in Chad and that outbreak is spreading now through that country and Cameroon, which is caused by a mutation of the live microorganism in the live vaccine, the WHO and UN have lied stating polio is eradicated in Africa and that “vaccines work”. It seems the WHO vaccines work causing the very illness/disease it is touted to prevent. Interestingly, the vaccine-derived polio emerged on the heels of the announced eradication of “wild polio” in Africa.

Great Game India continued:

In November last year, new cases of polio linked to the oral vaccine were reported in four African countries. More children were being paralysed by vaccine-derived viruses than those infected by viruses in the wild, according to global health numbers.

Use of the oral polio vaccine was discontinued in the UK in 2004 and the US in 2000, and the UN agency advises that the use of the oral vaccine should be discontinued because of the risk of vaccine-derived outbreaks.

Knowing the situation in Africa with a vaccine-induced polio outbreak, the UN had the nerve to declare polio eradicated in Africa. The WHO admitted in 2017 that the global explosion in polio was vaccine derived. Just the next year, it was discovered 70% of global polio cases were vaccine-derived, with the worst epidemics seen in Congo, Afghanistan and the Phillipines. Moreover, oral polio vaccine was discontinued in the US because of the risk of vaccine-derived outbreaks. Any other questions surrounding the lies and deception of the UN and the WHO should be answered at this point.

India saw a surge of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP), reaching what is described as “epidemic” proportion, in children where 490,000 children were affected between 2000 and 2017. The country’s doctors have blamed Bill Gates’ vaccine campaign. In April 2020, Robert Kennedy Jr. exposed the activities of Bill Gates in India, including the eugenicist’s obsession with vaccines.

Great Game India concluded the report with this irony.

Meanwhile, the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and WHO has initiated a COVID-19 Surveillance Project in India based on the national polio surveillance network. India’s WHO National Surveillance Project, has been renamed as National Public Health Surveillance Project. The project is headed by WHO’s pointman in India.

Dr Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and now the Chairperson of Executive Board of WHO was awarded Director-General’s Polio Eradication Champion Award Commendation Medal by the WHO in 1998.

Gardasil is the benchmark for fast-tracked vaccines. And, the WHO’s oral polio vaccine is the benchmark for vaccine-derived illness from mutation of strains of microorganisms contained in the vaccine. Coupled with the lies of the UN, the WHO, talking heads of the US government’s CON-VID-19 “task force”, and the agenda of Bill Gates, enough information has been produced to confirm the dangers of the upcoming CON-VID-19 vaccine to warrant refusal. Yet, some levels of government have desired to make this poison mandatory – a move contradictory to the Constitution and God’s moral law.

Where are the US doctors and nurses? Why are State public health officials continuing to take stock of what the CDC and the WHO recommends on anything? With the credibility and integrity of both those agencies damaged beyond repair, any physician recommendation for the CON-VID-19 or any other vaccine should be held accountable for any damage. Since the US government chose to provide Big Pharma with immunity from any vaccine adverse effects, including death, individuals and parents have no other choice but to hold their doctor and/or any other individual responsible if recommending vaccination. How do you do that?

Several years ago, Dr. Dave Mihalovic created a form where you could do just that. (See Below) The form can be altered to conform to your State and include specific information for the individual or parent to insert. Remember to check with legal counsel regarding this form. If you are a member of LegalShield, review of contracts and documents are part of the service.

Consent 09 by Tim Brown on Scribd

Some individuals may have a problem with holding a physician accountable for vaccine adverse effects. However, the US government granted immunity to the vaccine manufacturer – a Big Pharma company. Doctors, nurses, government agencies and other entities receive the information on vaccines and medications from Big Pharma reps that travel around to doctors’ offices, clinics and other facilities. You can almost bet none of the medical professionals have read the package insert or followed the research extensively or even question the vaccine program, which is a farce. The only way to get the attention of these professionals, who are to do no harm, is to hold them accountable for the harm. Don’t feel guilty. They do not feel guilty about “bullying” you into submission to their recommendation.

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