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Wuhan Residents Heckle Vice PM: “Fake! Everything Is Fake!” (Video)

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Published on: March 5, 2020

While we have attempted to provide whatever information we can come out regarding the spread of COVID-19, we’ve also been covering this from the angle that it could be something else to the point of it being propaganda to either shut down protesters or urge people to take vaccines.  It now appears that even residents of Wuhan are calling out what they believe to be a coverup by the Chinese government, even to the point of heckling the vice prime minister.

Take a look at the videos put out on Twitter.  According to the poster, “Today vice prime minister Sun Chunlan visited Wuhan Qingshan Kaiyuan residential community. It’s meant to be a PR show. Residents were not allowed to come out, but things went out of control. They started shouting, “Fake! Everything is fake!”

Zero Hedge writes:

While coronavirus continues to rapidly spread throughout the world – officially having infected nearly 100,000 and killing 3,347 as of this writing, China has reported a steady decrease in the number of new cases – insisting they’ve got the outbreak under control within their borders.


Why anyone believes the official numbers coming out of Beijing is anyone’s guess – as the ‘official’ numbers coming from the CCP have been long divorced from reality based on early reporting from crematoriums operating at capacity and healthcare workers reporting deaths in provinces that had no official fatalities.

Earlier today we reported on empty factories which have been ordered to appear as though they’re operating.

So, it should come to no surprise that skeptics of the CCP’s attempts at narrative shaping include none other than residents of Wuhan, ground-zero of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Clearly, China is trying to protect its economy which is plummeting and it’s going to take down other economies around the world, including the US economy.  There is no denying and the stock market has been showing it.

Never fear though, America.  You’re politicians who promised you socialism and those promising you we will never be a socialist country will continue their deficit spending and their goodies that they fund through your neighbors to make sure you are well taken care of just as Winston was in 1984.  Just be careful of what you say against them.

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