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Year of the Gun: 2016 Saw Record Guns Sales of 27.5 Million!

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Published on: January 7, 2017

The more the threats to freedom increased over 2016, the more Americans understood the need for the right to keep and bear arms, which is protected under the Second Amendment. More than 27.5 million guns were purchased by Americans in 2016.

According to background check numbers released by the FBI, the total sales for 2016 were 27,538,673. Remember, this does not include any private sales, which would make the numbers much higher.

This figure is more than 4 million over 2015’s sales.

The sales records come as concealed carry and constitutional carry are on the rise in many states.

For 19 months in a row, gun sales have been on an upwards trend. This has been largely due to Islamic terror attacks, race-related violence, an administration hell bent on attacking the Second Amendment and the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency, which would have been even more blood thirsty for gun owners than the Obama administration.

Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah was so effective at attacking the Second Amendment and indirectly causing gun sales to skyrocket that he was referred to in 2015 as “The Greatest Gun Salesman of All Time” and in 2016 as the “Nation’s Top Gun Salesman.”

This was the man who was behind his administration running guns from Benghazi to Syria before the US consulate attack. This all  came on the heels of his administration being uncovered for arming Mexican drug lords who killed hundreds of Mexicans through “Fast and Furious.”

Fortunately, gun confiscation advocate Hillary Clinton took it on the chin in 2016.

Consider that America is number one in the world in gun ownership, yet she is not even in the top 100 countries when it comes to murder rates. In fact, America’s numbers of gun violence would be significantly low if it were not for the highly populated metropolitan areas and strict gun control cities like Chicago, Illinois, which saw over4,300 shootings in 2016.

The year was marked by a plethora of new guns on the market, including rifles (buy a Joshua Mark 5 today!) and smart guns.

Additionally, many stories were in the news regarding armed citizens who failed to be victims of criminals.

The central government also took aim at armed citizens who protested illegal land grabs by the Bureau of Land Management. Patriots were arrested for their armed stand in Nevada and Oregon. Charges in Oregon were either dismissed or the patriots were acquitted and many were transferred to Nevada to face trumped up charges for their role at Bundy Ranch in 2014. Yet, the central government continues to try and pursue those found innocent in Oregon on more charges while they are absent.

I’d say that there are many Americans with their eyes wide open as to the need to be armed for personal protection, but we still have a way to go to get them to see the real need for the Second Amendment is to secure a free state. May God help us to that end.

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