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Yellowstone Approaches Record Levels Of Seismic Activity

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Published on: September 4, 2017

Editor’s Note:  Some of the claims of scientists are simply ridiculous.  The claims that things occurred hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago is simply a statement of their Darwinian evolutionary faith.  They weren’t around then.  They have made up their theory which cannot be proven.  The Bible gives us a 6,000-year history of man from the beginning.  I have more faith in that than the scientists claims about anything that may have occurred before that, since time and again when it comes to that theory they are either shown to be wrong or they simply do not have any evidence to support their claims, something they chastise Christians for concerning Creation.  However, what is taking place at Yellowstone is something that we can actually witness and actually track and something for which we should be on guard.

By now, most are aware of the earthquake swarm under the Yellowstone super volcano.

Many people are fearing a major eruption, and those terrors aren’t calmed for some as the national park approaches a record number of earthquakes.

A cluster of earthquakes at the Yellowstone Park volcano is the most active it’s been in recent history.

The earthquake count is up to 2,357 since June with the largest having a magnitude of  4.4.

The majority of the earthquakes were magnitudes of 0 or 1, according to a report by Newsweek.

Yet scientists are assuring the public that a swarm of earthquakes doesn’t necessarily signal an eruption of the super volcano.

But when the type of earthquakes occurring in Yellowstone deviates from the standard, it could mean that an eruption is forthcoming.

A swarm of earthquakes is rather normal for Yellowstone, but the number of quakes is approaching a new record.

The current swarm is approaching the record set in 1985 when three months brought over 3,000 earthquakes. In 2010 a swarm brought over 2,000 earthquakes over a month.  Scientists still say to not worry too much.

The threat of an eruption is still very slim.

The current situation doesn’t present too much of an eruption threat.

The geological pressure would have to be sizable for anything to occur.

“Yellowstone has had dozens of these sorts of earthquake swarms in the last 150 years it’s been visited.  The last volcanic eruption within the caldera [crater] was 70,000 years ago.  For magma to reach the surface, a new vent needs to be created, which requires a lot of intense geological activity,” said Jacob Lowenstern, one of the scientists managing the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. –The Epoch Times

Lowenstern went on to say that the odds are very high that Yellowstone will go centuries more without an eruption and that if one does occur, it will be minor.

Should these earthquakes lead to an eruption, scientists think it would not be of much consequence.

“If Yellowstone erupts, it’s most likely to be a lava flow, as occurred in nearly all the 80 eruptions since the last ‘supereruption’ 640,000 years ago. A lava flow would be a big deal at Yellowstone, but would have very little regional or continental effect,” Lowenstern explained.

Article posted with permission from SHTFPlan

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