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Your Enemies Thank You

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Published on: July 2, 2021

The other day, I was talking with someone about one of the problems causing trouble in the country and they said: “Well, I can’t get involved in that because I am going to go do such and so tonight, and I also have to…” and then they listed all the things they were doing. This started me thinking about all the things I had been involved in the last 25 years and how we are only worse off now than we were back then. Considering our enemies now have more money and power than ever, I think our enemies are pretty happy that not only have we not defeated them, but we have been helping them. Even if you do not consider them your enemy, they consider you their enemy, and therefore, “Your enemies thank you.”

Since looking at the last 25 years would make this article too long, we’ll just look at the COVID situation. For more than a year, people have harmed themselves. Not only have they harmed themselves, but they have done it in the name of helping themselves and others. Very few have taken the time to look at the big picture and ask: “Did I make things better or worse by what I did?” It really does not matter what issue you look at, masks, vaccines, lockdowns, or any issue you choose, someone benefits and someone suffers.

For the “who cares” crowd, I do. There are people that have made billions of dollars in the last year, and if you think they care about your well being, “Your enemies thank you.” If you think just because someone other than you lost money and you received no harm and that you are ok, “Your enemies thank you.” Do not worry they will eventually get to you. They already have, you just do not know it yet. Look at the price of gas. Look at how your money buys less than it used to buy. If you do not realize this, it helps the people that benefited from this. They benefit even if you do not want them to do so. Your desires really do not matter when it comes to stopping people from benefiting from you being harmed. All that matters is did you stop them?  If not, then all that matters is if you will stop them.

Some of you may be saying “Richards, you sound like a conspiracy theorist.” There is another example of the problem. Some people have made billions from the things that were done in the last year, and some people have been horribly harmed, and if people ask why, the conspiracy slurists call them a name and expect them to go away. If you do go away, “Your enemies thank you.” The same goes for starting the conversation with: “I am not an anti-vaxer.” You may as well start the conversation by saying: “I am not against the people that want to harm me.” Well, you may not be against them but they are against you.

You are paying more for the fuel to run your car because the government is printing currency that benefits some but not all. That is what they did when they handed out money they just printed. It devalues the money that already existed, so you only benefit if you get enough of the new money to compensate for what it does to the old money. So if I am given $1,000.00 and someone is given 1 billion dollars, then they win and I lose.

The same goes for the vaccine argument. The pharmaceutical companies have made billions of dollars regardless of if people get hurt or helped by what they have made. The pharmaceutical companies have complete immunity from any legal liability for any harm from what they have made does. If you think that is a way to have a safe product made, “Your enemies thank you.”

If you think this problem will be solved by handing the school you put your kids in some letter that will somehow control them, then you are the best friend your enemies have. I was at an annual banquet 25 years ago. During my speech I told the people the only way their kids would be safe from the schools was to not let them be in the schools. I was told if we took this position, we would be politically doomed. They said “no one will work with us.” They said “we will be hated.” Look at the country. You are hated. If you would have protected your kids, at least you would have been hated for something worthwhile. Now the country is messed up and you are still hated.

Going forward, we need to start doing things that actually removes the power from the people making the billions of dollars from hurting people. When someone tells me they are going to force vaccinate people, it should only cause the sheriff to put that someone in jail. If not, we need a new sheriff. Before the next lockdown, we need to plan how we are going to say no. If you are too busy to help stop your enemies from destroying your country, remember, “Your enemies thank you,” and enjoy yourself while you still can. It does not look like you will be enjoying yourself much longer.

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