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YouTube Allows Violent Depiction of Massacre in “This Is America” for Children to View – Censors Those Who Criticize It

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Published on: May 18, 2018

A video depicting social justice on YouTube that has garnered nearly 140 million views that depicts the shooting of a man in the head and a the massacre of a gospel choir while promoting social justice continues to be up for children to view in clear violation of YouTube’s own Terms of Service (ToS).  However, while it is a disturbing video, what is even more concerning is YouTube’s utter censorship of a video that criticizes both YouTube and the contents of the video.

Childish Gambino’s music video for This is America stars Donald Glover and portrays how he views America as nothing more than white people out to murder blacks.

However, the brilliant Paul Joseph Watson took the time to create a video in which he criticizes the video and YouTube for not only continuing to keep the video up, even though it violates their own ToS, but also criticizes YouTube for censoring his to the point that his criticism can’t even get close to obtaining a large number of views.

Watson tells the story of what happened concerning his video being censored.

On Tuesday night, I posted a commentary video discussing the themes behind the ‘This is America’ music video and the song. The video did not show any violence. I explicitly censored the violent parts that remain in the original.

Within hours, the video was deemed to be “inappropriate or offensive” and placed in what has come to be known as the “Goolag,” which means it cannot be shared, receive comments or likes. Essentially, this is a way of ensuring the least number of people as possible can see the video, without removing it altogether.

Watson then took to Twitter, “So YouTube has put this video behind its censor wall after a matter of hours.  For what? I censored the the gunshots, which remain in the original uncensored version.  How utterly ridiculous.”

Watson then added:

This is yet another example of YouTube’s stunning hypocrisy and double standard in how it treats large corporate creators and the independent creators who helped build the platform.

To emphasize, YouTube actively worked to help the original video, which shows people being brutally massacred, to go viral and didn’t even place an age restriction on it, meaning it can easily be viewed by children, while censoring a video that merely contained political commentary.

This once again underscores how Silicon Valley giants are monopolizing public discourse online and using their power to censor conservatives and punish people for expressing diversity of thought.

So, what was so horrible about Watson’s video?  Was it filled with profanity?  Did it show tons of violence or sexual content?  Nope.  In fact, it was a logical, rational breakdown of the video and its contents, along with a rebuttal of its message.  Take a look for yourself.

“Apparently, it’s OK for them to show people being massacred (allowing kids to see it) but having certain political opinions is not allowed.  It would be a shame if this got thousands of retweets,” tweeted Watson, attaching the video to his tweet.

The issue of social justice needs to be addressed for sure, and the reason is that it is largely based on a lie and it is prominently aimed at attacking white people by minorities, mostly from blacks.  Yet, Watson points out the fact that the majority of crime that takes place in the black community, especially violent crime is committed by other black people.  That’s not all.  Many blacks today continue to promote the fact that they were somehow slaves, when virtually no black Americans today were ever slaves.

We’ve dealt with the topic of social justice a time or two.  The promotion of this by ignorant people like Glover and the cover provided for outlets like YouTube, another company formed under the CIA-funded Google, only demonstrate that YouTube and other social media outlets are not out to make sure you get the truth and all the “do gooding” they claim they want to promote, but rather they are engaging in sanitizing the culture to where only the messages they want to portray are portrayed.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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