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12 Presumptions Against You In US Courts That Must Be Challenged (Video)

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Published on: August 12, 2022

Did you know that there are 12 presumptions against you when you enter any court in the united States? These are devastating to you unless you challenged them. Ron Gibson, a lawyer for more than 50 years, joins me to explain these presumptions and why you must argue against them. He’ll also explain the difference between having a lawyer and having an attorney.

**Please excuse the “ticking” sound when Ron is speaking. It appears it has something to do with his speakers. The information is vital for you to learn and know.

Articles, links and bonus videos mentioned in this episode, along with the full list of 12 presumptions of the Roman (US) Courts.

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12 Presumptions Of The Court

 A Roman Court (which is mirrored by our prevalent State and Federal {article I} courts) does not operate according to any true rule of law, but by presumptions of the law.  Therefore, if presumptions presented by the private Bar Guild are not rebutted they become fact and are therefore said to stand true [Or as “truth in commerce”].  There are twelve (12) key presumptions asserted by the private Bar Guilds which if unchallenged stand true, they are: Public Record, Public Service, Public Oath, Immunity, Summons, Custody, Court of Guardians, Court of Trustees, Government as Executor/Beneficiary, Executor De Son Tort, Incompetence, and Guilt.  (source: Canon 3228)

Presumption 1

The Presumption of Public Record is that any matter brought before a lower Roman Court is a matter for the public record when in fact it is presumed by the members of the private Bar Guild that the matter is a private Bar Guild business matter.  Unless openly rebuked and rejected by stating clearly the matter is to be on the Public Record, the matter remains a private Bar Guild matter completely under private Bar Guild rules.

Presumption 2

The Presumption of Public Service is that all the members of the Private Bar Guild who have all sworn a solemn secret absolute oath to their Guild then act as public agents of the Government, or “public officials” by making additional oaths of public office that openly and deliberately contradict their private “superior” oaths to their own Guild.  Unless openly rebuked and rejected, the claim stands that these private Bar Guild members are legitimate public servants and therefore trustees under public oath. 

Presumption 3

The Presumption of Public Oath is that all members of the Private Bar Guild acting in the capacity of “public officials” who have sworn a solemn public oath remain bound by that oath and therefore bound to serve honestly, impartiality and fairly as dictated by their oath.  Unless openly challenged and demanded, the presumption stands that the Private Bar Guild members have functioned under their public oath in contradiction to their Guild oath.  If challenged, such individuals must recuse themselves as having a conflict of interest and cannot possibly stand under a public oath. 

Presumption 4

The Presumption of Immunity is that key members of the Private Bar Guild in the capacity of “public officials” acting as judges, prosecutors, magistrates, and clerks who have sworn a solemn public oath in good faith are immune from personal claims of injury and liability.  Unless openly challenged and their oath demanded, the presumption stands that the members of the Private Bar Guild as public trustees acting as judges, prosecutors, magistrates and clerks are immune from any personal accountability for their actions. 

Presumption 5

The Presumption of Summons is that by custom a summons unrebutted stands and therefore one who attends Court is presumed to accept a position (defendant, juror, witness) and jurisdiction of the court.  Attendance to court is usually invitation by summons.  Unless the summons is rejected and returned, with a copy of the rejection filed prior to choosing to visit or attend, jurisdiction and position as the accused and the existence of “guilt” stands. 

Presumption 6

The Presumption of Custody is that by custom a summons or warrant for arrest unrebutted stands and therefore one who attends Court is presumed to be a thing and therefore liable to be detained in custody by “Custodians”.  [This includes the dead legal fiction non-human “PERSON” that corporate-governments rules and regulations are written for.]  Custodians may only lawfully hold custody of property and “things” not flesh and blood soul possessing beings.  Unless this presumption is openly challenged by rejection of summons and/or at court, the presumption stands you are a thing and property and therefore lawfully able to be kept in custody by custodians. 

Presumption 7

The Presumption of Court of Guardians is the presumption that as you may be listed as a “resident” of a ward of a local government area and have listed on your “passport” the letter P, you are a pauper and therefore under the “Guardian” powers of the government and its agents as a “Court of Guardians”.  Unless this presumption is openly challenged to demonstrate you are both a general guardian and general executor of the matter (trust) before the court, the presumption stands and you are by default a pauper, and lunatic and therefore must obey the rules of the clerk of guardians (clerk of magistrates court). 

Presumption 8

The Presumption of Court of Trustees is that members of the Private Bar Guild presume you accept the office of trustee as a “public servant” and “government employee” just by attending a Roman Court, as such Courts are always for public trustees by the rules of the Guild and the Roman System.  Unless this presumption is openly challenged to state you are merely visiting by “invitation” to clear up the matter and you are not a government employee or public trustee in this instance, the presumption stands and is assumed as one of the most significant reasons to claim jurisdiction – simply because you “appeared”. 

Presumption 9

The Presumption of Government acting in two roles as Executor and Beneficiary is that for the matter at hand, the Private Bar Guild appoint the judge/magistrate in the capacity of Executor while the Prosecutor acts in the capacity of Beneficiary of the trust for the current matter.  Unless this presumption is openly challenged to demonstrate you are both a general guardian and general executor of the matter (trust) before the court, the presumption stands and you are by default the trustee, therefore must obey the rules of the executor (judge/magistrate). 

Presumption 10

The Presumption of Executor De Son Tort is the presumption that if the accused does seek to assert their right as Executor and Beneficiary over their body, mind and soul they are acting as an Executor De Son Tort or a “false executor” challenging the “rightful” judge as Executor.  Therefore, the judge/magistrate assumes the role of “true” executor and has the right to have you arrested, detained, fined or forced into a psychiatric evaluation.  Unless this presumption is openly challenged by not only asserting one’s position as Executor, as well as, questioning if the judge or magistrate is seeking to act as Executor De Son Tort, the presumption stands and the judge or magistrate of the private Bar Guild may seek the assistance of bailiffs or sheriffs to assert their false claim. 

Presumption 11

The Presumption of Incompetence is the presumption that you are at least ignorant of the law, therefore incompetent to present yourself and argue properly.  Therefore, the judge/magistrate as executor has the right to have you arrested, detained, fined or forced into a psychiatric evaluation.  Unless this presumption is openly challenged to the fact that you know your position as executor and beneficiary and actively rebuke and object to any contrary presumptions, then it stands by the time of pleading that you are incompetent then the judge or magistrate can do what they need to keep you obedient. 

Presumption 12

The Presumption of Guilt is the presumption that as it is presumed to be a private business meeting of the Bar Guild, you are guilty whether you plead “guilty”, do not plead or plead “not guilty”.  Therefore, unless you either have previously prepared an affidavit of truth and motion to dismiss with extreme prejudice onto the public record or call a demurrer, then the presumption is you are guilty and the private Bar Guild can hold you until a bond is prepared to guarantee the amount the guild wants to profit from you. 


An affidavit of truth and fact is your best “remedy”.  It is best to have your “status”, “standing”, and “jurisdiction” established on the Public Record before one ever enters a courtroom.


They (the court system) deals in the fiction – they are non-living, artificial, legal fiction, contract entities made of paper (e.g. dead paper entity). 

People are living, breathing, thinking, acting, entities made of flesh and blood.

There is an ancient MAXIM of LAW written in Latin: “Disparata Non Debent Jungi” – translated it states: “dissimilar things ought not to be joined”.  This is also referred to as the “Maxim of Law of Like Kind”. 

Simply stated, a contract (joinder) can only be made between entities of like kind as Paper to Paper and Flesh to Flesh but NOT Paper to Flesh or Flesh to Paper because they are not of “Like Kind”. 

NOW, one can “joinder” with the Legal Fiction is several ways:

(1) deliberately – consciously AND (2) tacitly – through silence. 

If the “system” says you’ve made joinder through tacit agreement, AND they (the system) did not fully disclose to you the full details of the agreement (i.e., contract) – they have committed FRAUD.  There is no statute of limitations on addressing “fraud”. 


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