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16 Year Old Girl Sues School Board over Bathroom Privileges as Boy

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Published on: June 20, 2015

If you were a parent and discovered that there was a young man going into the girl’s bathroom with your daughter, what would you do?  Your daughter explains that it was okay, the boy says he is really a girl.  As a principle, what do you say to the boy?  Well, most would have been very angry if they found themselves in this situation, but what if the genders were switched?  What if instead of a boy wanting to use the girl’s room, it is a girl wanting to use the boy’s restroom?  I hope that you would be just as upset.  And, as you could have guessed, it is happening.

Christian News reported:

A Virginia girl who identifies as a boy has sued her local school district in an effort to obtain permission to use the men’s restroom at school.

Gavin Grimm, 16, told reporters in December that she began using the boys’ restroom after obtaining permission from the school principal when she expressed disapproval over being forced to use the nurse restroom.

This female decided that she was not a girl and since she did not feel and act like a girl, she did not want to have to go the girl’s restroom.  She went to her principal.  And instead of what you would think, he actually made some concessions and gave her permission to use the nurses’ facilities.  When this became too difficult and too embarrassing, she requested permission to go to the boy’s restroom.  This request was granted.

Christian New continues:

But some of the parents of the male students soon learned about the allowance, and the issue turned up before the school district.

The district soon voted to approve a policy requiring students to utilize the restroom that correlates with their biological gender, or to use a private bathroom.

Now the young lady has filed suit against the district.

“As a result of the School Board’s transgender restroom policy, Gavin is currently the only student in his school who must use separate private restrooms,” the complaint reads.

“The distinction stigmatizes Gavin and marks him as different from the other students; it isolates Gavin from his peers; and it exposes him to serious psychological harm,” it continues. “To avoid the stigma of having to use separate restrooms, Gavin has tried to avoid using any restroom during the school day.”

Well, I am not one to pick on teenage girls, but she is different from the other students.  Neither she nor any other transgendered student should be allowed to go to the restroom of their choice.  This will open a Pandora’s Box.  All pedophiles and perverts would have to do is claim that they were transgendered, and they would then have full access to the victim of their choice.  It is not sure what the district will do, but they have an opportunity to fight the lawsuit.

The Christian legal organization Liberty Counsel has offered to represent the Gloucester County School Board for free.

“A student is not free to override biology, as well as the safety, privacy, and religious concerns of others, and to demand admittance into opposite-sex restrooms and locker rooms,” Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, said in a statement. “While students with gender confusion should be treated with respect, that does not include disrespecting other students by admittance into opposite-sex, private spaces.”

Hopefully, true law will prevail.  Without a Biblical backing for law, we will allow anything.

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