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46 Republicans Who Just Voted to Eliminate Freedom of the Press

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Published on: May 30, 2015

Recently, I reported on the fact that the American Phoenix Foundation is in possession of what they claim are 800 hours of damning undercover video of Texas politicians engaging in corruption. I also told you that the Texas legislature was pushing to stifle freedom of the press in a new bill that would make illegal what is currently legal, ie. recording interactions of anyone without their consent. On Wednesday this week, the legislature rammed the unconstitutional legislation through, thus securing them from any undercover investigations that might expose their corruption.

SB19 would eliminate such practices even in buildings that are public property, such as the Capitol building. In fact, some of the provisions these traitors to the people put forward would be fines that could be as high as $10,000 per occurrence.

Oh, and in case you continually engage in the right/left paradigm, this was not just a Democrat issue. Forty-six Republicans voted for this fascism. And here are there names and emails.

  • Trent Ashby (HD 57)
  • Jimmy Don Aycock (HD 54)
  • Cindy Burkett (HD 113)
  • DeWayne Burns (HD 58) @BurnsForTexas
  • Angie Chen Button (HD 112) @AngieChenButton
  • Giovanni Capriglione (HD 98)
  • Travis Clardy (HD 11) @TravisForTexas
  • Byron Cook (HD 8)
  • Tony Dale (HD 136) @TonyDaleTX
  • Drew Darby (HD 72)
  • Sarah Davis (HD 134)
  • Gary Elkins (HD 135)
  • Wayne Faircloth (HD 23) @WayneFaircloth
  • Dr. Marsha Farney (HD 20)
  • John Frullo (HD 84)
  • Rick Galindo (HD 117) @GalindoForRep
  • Charlie Geren (HD 99) @charliegeren
  • Larry Gonzales (HD 52)
  • Patricia Harless (HD 126)
  • Dan Huberty (HD 127)
  • Todd Hunter (HD 32)
  • Kyle Kacal (HD 12)
  • Jim Keffer (HD 60)
  • Ken King (HD 88)
  • Linda Koop (HD 102) @LindaKoopHD102
  • John Kuempel (HD 44)
  • Lyle Larson (HD 122)
  • Jose Manuel Lozano (HD 43)
  • Morgan Meyer (HD 108)
  • Doug Miller (HD 73)
  • Rick Miller (HD 26)
  • Jim Murphy (HD 133)
  • John Otto (HD 18)
  • Tan Parker (HD 63)
  • Larry Philips (HD 62)
  • Four Price (HD 87) @FourPriceTX
  • John Raney (HD 14)
  • Debbie Riddle (HD 150) @debbieriddle
  • Dr. J.D. Sheffield (HD 59)
  • Ron Simmons (HD 65)
  • Wayne Smith (HD 128)
  • Ed Thompson (HD 29)
  • Gary VanDeaver (HD 1) @GaryVanDeaver
  • Jason Villalba (HD 114)
  • Paul Workman (HD 47)
  • John Wray (HD 10) @wrayfortexas10
  • Clash Daily provides the following information:

    This is the proposal from Rep. Matt Schaefer to remove these items from the bill SB19. Here is the official request to amend the bill.  The following is the Roll Call on this motion to remove portions of SB19. By removing Article 5, and Article 7.05, it would ensure there would be no suppression of 1st amendment rights given explicitly to the press.Please note how many Republicans voted when given the chance to remove Article 5 and article 7.05. Nay means they chose not to remove the article (5)(7.05) that blatantly violates the 1st Amendment and heavily penalizes the press for doing their job i.e. keeping the representatives accountable to the people they serve. Please see Article 5 and 7.05. Two party consent laws are made for those who have something to hide and have no place in the people of Texas’ House.


    Here are some of the traitors in their own words:

    And then here is Matt Schaefer, who actually took a stand against this tyranny:

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